10-15-2022 USPA Masterclass #34- David Oates presents “Reverse Speech”

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Reverse Speech

David Oates discovered the phenomenon of reverse speech (RS). This is the theory that regular speech contains hidden messages that can only be heard when it is played backwards. It is believed that unconscious thoughts, memories, and experiences are embedded in our spoken language, and we can reveal these by recording speech and playing it in reverse (Oates, 1991).

David John Oates

David John Oats was born in rural Australia on October 30th 1955, the first son of a young Methodist minister. It was while running a halfway house for street kids in 1984 that he first heard about backward messages in rock and roll, and a new hobby was born – playing tapes backwards. He rapidly became obsessed with this new hobby and by 1987, he had developed his theory of Reverse Speech.

Since that time, David has had an active career now spanning 40 years, furthering the field of Reverse Speech as his full time occupation. He has developed new theories, and designed therapeutic and training techniques. He has published several books on Reverse Speech and has lectured around the world to crowds of thousands, and trained hundreds of students.

In the United States he has appeared on dozens of television programs, including CNNs, Larry King Live, Geraldo, Leeza Gibbons, Strange Universe, Extra to name a few. In Australia, he has appeared on such shows as, Good Morning Australia, Today Tonight, A Current Affair, and Today. His work has also been featured in 100s of papers and well known publications such as The New York Times, Harpers Review, Omni magazine and Discover magazine.

David has been compared to Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and Nicola Tesla and his work described as being of Nobel caliber with far reaching ramifications in such fields as law enforcement, business and psychology.

He is a certified Hypnotherapist and Trainer, and currently attends to his therapy and corporate consulting business using reverse speech techniques. David is also an accomplished public speaker, maintaining an active international speaking and training schedule as well as a popular guest on many international radio and TV programs.

He currently resides in Adelaide, South Australia.