USPA Presents a Members Only Special Event – Five Scientist Panel -“Enhancing Wellness: Beyond Censorship.”

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Presenters include Beverly Rubik, Ellen Kamhi, Glen Rein, John Reed and Sharry Edwards 

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Censorship has become a conspicuous problem of our times that is thwarting our health freedom and personal choices.  For instance, the World Health Organization, government, and mainstream media maintained an authoritarian view regarding the recent Covid-19 pandemic and the experimental injections, claiming that they alone represented the “science.”

Any information that challenges their view has been censored.  Brave scientists and medical practitioners who criticize the mainstream view or offered a different perspective have been suppressed and shunned. Yet more recent evidence proves that the “official” dogma is far from optimum for public health. Censorship has also impacted other major issues, such as “global climate change”.

Real science is not a closed system, but an open, ongoing endeavor by the scientific community to explore and uncover more facts. There is no final word on anything. The scientific method of open rigorous inquiry should provide the foundation for public policy and help people make the best personal choices for their health.

In this mini-conference, we will hear from a few scientists and health practitioners who have raised critical questions and challenged the dogma.  Some have been exploring novel research questions that impact basic knowledge and understanding, while others bring new wellness protocols into the clinic and our daily lives.