Everyone is welcome to join the USPA!

The USPA is the place for people who wish to interact, exchange ideas, and collaborate with other people. USPA is for those who are interested in Psychotronics, Radionics, and the interactions of matter, energy, and consciousness. Membership is open to all people who wish to join with the USPA. USPA is on the new frontiers of science. Additionally, we work constructively for the qualitative improvement of humanity and our environment.

USPA, United States Psychotronics Association

USPA’s Membership Pricing- Choose one of the membership pricing plans below.

General Membership

  • 1 Year for $35.00 USD

Student/Military Membership

  • 1 Year for $30.00 USD

3-Year Membership

$9000every 3 years
  • 3 Years for $90.00 USD

Student/Military Membership Registration Form- Download Here

Membership Benefits

  1. Free access to the USPA Psychotronics Library of resources and materials on psychotronic subjects, useful to your research.
  2. Free subscription to the USPA Newsletter;
  3. Your right to freely publish articles in the WISE Journal – The Journal of the World Institute for Scientific Exploration (ISSN 2381-1536), enabling the world to see your ideas or research, and thereby enhance your resume and credentials;
  4. The right to use the USPA Literature Research Service, whereby we will find any article, book, or other item you are seeking on psychotronic subjects, and provide it to you;
  5. Your right to participate in the USPA “Research Assistance Program”, especially useful to professors, authors, and other researchers, who need extra help on their projects. USPA will help find volunteers to help you with your research project(s).
  6. The right to be part of the USPA Project Participation Program, whereby you can volunteer to help on numerous available USPA projects, or help researchers who are conducting research on psychotronics and related subjects.
  7. The right to make oral or poster presentations at the annual USPA meeting, with the approval of the Annual USPA Meeting Planning Committee.
  8. Your right to discounts on the purchase of certain items and services made available for sale or provided by the USPA and its members.
  9. Member’s right to freely advertise in the WISE Journal, which goes out to thousands of people.
  10. Your right to participate in the USPA Psychotronic Literature Preservation Program (UPLPP). The USPA, via its Library and Archives, has established a“Literature Preservation Program” to preserve your personal papers, files, records, and collection of articles, periodicals, books, and devices on psychotronics and related subjects, noted above. You may no longer need or use some of these items that you have, and you can send them to the USPA, and we will preserve them in our library and archives, so that they can be of use to other researchers.
Scott B Membership Coordinator
Contact Scott for answers to any membership questions.

Send USPA A Mail-In Application

Download the form here. Fill out the form. Send the membership form into us via email to membership@psychotronics.org
OR you can mail it into our office (address is on the form)


Tax Deductible

The U.S. Psychotronics Association (USPA), was incorporated in the District of Columbia in August, 1977, and is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), tax exempt organization, and as such, you are able to make tax deductible donations to the USPA. It is empowered to enroll members in the parent organization throughout the United States, Canada, and other foreign countries. Please remember the USPA in your annual charitable giving, especially if you want to advance research in the above subject areas, which can greatly benefit humans, animals, plants, and the environment.