6-8-2024 1:00 pm.c.t.: FREE USPA Masterclass #55 “An interview with one of America’s Renowned Parapsychology Researchers, Stanley Krippner.’ For more info and a link to attend, click Stan’s Photo. If you are interested in being a sponsor for this Masterclass, contact Scott at uspsychotronics@yahoo.com 

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About this Masterclass

This Masterclass in a Pre-taped Interview with 92 -year-old, Stanley Krippner.  Stanley has done research and published in many areas of Parapsychology.  Topics in this interview include: Stanley’s recollection of attending the IAPR (a European predecessor of USPA) and meeting Soviet bloc researcher Zdenek Rejdak and Robert Pavilita. Lack of good experiments in Psychotronics. Stanley’s great Dream Lab research. Some of his major publications.  Topics of Stigmatas, Placebos, suicides, Artificial Intelligence and psychedelics. Stanley will be on hand, live, after the presentation to for a Q & A session!

About Stanley Krippner

Professor Stanley Krippner stands as a true trailblazer in the realm of consciousness exploration, pushing boundaries by delving into cross-cultural perspectives and the intriguing realm of non-ordinary experiences that boldly challenge conventional paradigms. With an extensive body of work, he is an award-winning prolific author (Personal Mythology and Varieties of Anomalous Experience), and an esteemed researcher, diving into diverse subjects such as dreaming, psychedelics, creativity, shamanism, parapsychology, and trauma.

Professor Krippner’s insatiable curiosity has carved out a distinguished path, earning accolades and recognition across multiple disciplines. His intellectual prowess is evident through his membership as a Fellow in five Divisions of the American Psychological Association, and his leadership acumen evidenced in service as President of Division 30 (Psychological Hypnosis), and Division 32 (Humanistic Psychology).

Beyond these accolades, Professor Krippner is a faculty member of several schools and institutions. His role as Affiliated Distinguished Faculty at the California Institute of Integral Studies underscores his commitment to nurturing intellectual growth. Moreover, his status as a Fellow of the Institute of Noetic Science not only solidifies his eminence but also mirrors his unwavering dedication to advancing the frontiers of human understanding.