April 27, 2024 at 1:00 p.m. CT: FREE USPA Masterclass #53 “Transforming Yourself from Muggle to Magician: Awakening Yourself as an Avatar” with Darren Starwynn. For info and a link to attend, click Darren’s Pic. If you are interested in being a sponsor for this Masterclass, contact Scott at uspsychotronics@yahoo.com 

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About this Class:

An Avatar is divine source consciousness expressing itself through a human being, for a purpose. This supreme consciousness is within everybody and everything, but Avatars express it more consciously and powerfully.

In this event Darren Starwynn will talk about the awakening of consciousness and spiritual alchemy we are all going through. This is the process of transmuting the density of our lower, programmed mind into higher states of illumination and empowerment. Awakening as an Avatar is also a physiological process. Darren will describe how you can upgrade your body to a higher level of vitality and energy vibration through its epigenetic pathways.

He will present his vision of how awakening Avatars can effectively heal and transform our planet. This vision is based on a stanza in the Tao Te Ching from ancient China, and describes a way each of us can be a conscious leader.

This talk includes instruction in a simple form of meditation that promotes presence and embodiment in less than 30 seconds.


About Darren Starwynn:

Darren Starwynn is a “Quantum Catalyst” who helps people to awaken their consciousness and superpowers, so they can make their most valuable contribution and thrive. He is dedicated to creating consciousness raising and heart opening gatherings for meditators and Lightworkers.

Darren has written four groundbreaking books including bestseller Awakening the Avatar Within, led hundreds of workshops and trainings internationally, and invented vibrational medical devices that have been sold worldwide since the 1990’s.

Darren has over 30 years experience in acupuncture, Chinese medicine, energy medicine and spiritual healing. He has mentored or inspired thousands of healthcare practitioners, business owners, healers and meditators to embody Quantum principles of healing, leadership, spirituality and financial success.

Director of Bridge to Mastery Consciousness Institute, Darren also serves as lead minister of Lightworker Ministry. Darren loves hiking, writing and creating original music.