11-12-2022  USPA Masterclass #35- Dennis Stillings presents “The Archaeus Project.”

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Archaeus Project

The Archaeus Project was a private foundation first formed to study techniques for detection and measurement of bio-energetic fields—electric, magnetic, and physical—and their application to diagnosis and treatment of disease. The project once issued the bimonthly newsletter “Artifex” and the scholarly journal “Archaeus,” which dealt with parapsychological topics and anomalous phenomena.

From Dennis Stillings:

From an early age I was motivated by dreams and experiences to investigate the existence of phenomena outside of the accepted paradigm. This journey began with experiments in magick, hypnosis, ESP, Tantric yoga, Tarot, and psychedelics. I also immersed myself in Jungian psychology. This was in my college days.

Soon after graduation, I became a family man, a man with a wife and children and a job as a research librarian at Medtronic, Inc. Here I began the development of The Bakken, A Library and Museum of Electricity in Life. And not only electricity (and magnetism) in life, but any sort of subtle energy as well.

I left behind the Museum, and went on to create Archaeus Project, the primary Mission of which was to investigate alternative methods of healing in the broadest sense, with an emphasis on the uses of electricity and magnetism.

I joined several relevant organizations: the USPA, the Parapsychological Association, the Society forScientific Exploration, the Bioelectromagnetics Association, and a number of organizations dedicated to issues involving mind-body approaches to healing. I also did investigations of psychic metal-bending, séance groups and homeopathy.

In each of the above endeavors, I observed unusual events. I certainly do not have any good explanations of them, but I have some ideas about them that may be useful to others.