12-10-2022 at 1:00 pm CT  USPA Masterclass #36- Dan Mangum presents “The Human Aspect Of Radionics .”

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“The Human Aspect Of Radionics”Thoughts, Words, And Actions

“When people think of radionics they think of the instrument. But what about the human operator? This presentation will discuss the different ways that our thoughts, words, and actions affect the radionic process and can be used consciously to achieve results”.

  • Thoughts of the radionic practitioner
  • Words used during a radionic session.
  • Actions – how precise must they be?
  • How do these all tie together to make radionics more effective?

Dan Mangum is a radionic researcher who uses radionics to maintain a garden, greenhouse, fruit and nut trees, honeybees, a handful of horses and Shetland sheep, and his dogs. He also makes and sells radionic reagents and programs as well as an external antenna/rub plate of his own design and has authored 2 books on radionics. His background includes studying mysticism, magic and world religions for 30 years. He utilizes rife machines, orgone accumulators, homeopathy, and biodynamics. Dan is a licensed electrician who occasionally installs off grid solar power and lives off grid himself.