1-21-2023 at 1:00 pm CT,  USPA Masterclass #37- “Reprogramming DNA” with Glenn Rein and Annaliese Reid 

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The Masterclass: The first part will be presented by Dr. Rein who will review the metabolic and biochemical changes associated with self – healing. The underlying energetic changes will also be discussed. Part two will be Annaliese describing how she healed herself of a non-curable disease.

Learning objectives

  1. The role of circadian rhythms of biochemicals during the self – healing process
  2. The resonance between our internal rhythms and those in nature
  3. The ability of the higher mind to shift our internal rhythms
  4. Understand the energetic nature of the mind

Annaliese Reid, energy worker, writer and editor, woke up one day with a deadly auto-immune disease that threatened her life if she did not do something about it. She discovered healing using intention, a seeming miracle yet can be achieved by anyone with a clear understanding of the protocol, based on the DNA research of Dr. Glen Rein.

Dr. Rein received his Ph.D. from the University of London in Bio(neuro)chemistry in 1983. In 1984 he became a professor at Mt. Sinai Hospital, where he researched Bioelectromagnetics. Beginning in 1987 he studied psychoneuroimmunology at Stanford University Medical Center. He is a Director of Quantum Biology Research Lab and Research Scientist, Estee Lauder, suggests that externally applied quantum fields produce biological effects at the cellular level.