12-9-2023 1:00 pm. CT: Free USPA Zoom Masterclass #49 Balancing the Elementary Particles; an experiment in Radionics with Marty Lucas


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About this Masterclass:

We routinely balance all sorts of things in standard radionic work; everything from vitamins and minerals to emotions and Chakras.  But we rarely go deeper than the atoms themselves.  So, what happens when we balance the very building blocks of matter?

In radionics we don’t need particle accelerators.  We have rates.  Then when we balance, we can see what else changes.

Follow one of my recent experiments doing just that.  Learn what readings change and explore what that may mean is happening.  I will be the first to admit that my work is still in its infancy.  But I will also admit that results speak for themselves.

About Marty Lucas

Marty Lucas is a long-time radionic practitioner, teacher and consultant.  He continues to be on the cutting edge of practical radionic research.  His reagents are used around the world by his students, clients, and colleagues.  His free weekly radionic Zoom classes draws international attendance.

He is a former USPA Board Member and a former president of the American Society of Dowsers.  He owns a small organic farm in SE Iowa and is a retired Army Officer.