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About this Masterclass

“The Human Body: The Quintessential Radionics Conductor” repositions the human body as a sophisticated, unparalleled radionics instrument – a tool exquisitely fine-tuned by nature, capable of extraordinary feats when aligned with the power of focused intent. Here, the enigma of radionics is unraveled, revealing that the true efficacy of this practice lies within the innate capabilities of the practitioner.

This exploration is more than theoretical; it’s a practical guide to unlocking and harnessing the incredible power that resides within each of us. Through Jerry Wills’ groundbreaking demonstration and the insights it provided, combined with the understanding that radionics devices are but a means to an end, we embark on a journey of self-evolution. It’s a testament to the immense potential we hold and the remarkable achievements possible through the art of focused awareness and energy manipulation, where we evolve to become the ultimate radionics conductors ourselves.

About Jerry Wills

[Ed note – I tried to find a ‘right way’ to shorten this. I could not. This is from Jerry’s website.]

Jerry says:

For as long as I remember I’ve seen and felt what I call life force essence around living things. During my early years I had no idea others were unaware of this. After many scoldings, I learned to keep my intuitive flashes and comments to myself.

Growing up on a remote farm in Kentucky provided many years of isolation from the rest of the world. During my teen years I started to better understand how energy moves through all living things – plant, animal, and human. Eventually, my abilities progressed to where I was able to help myself, and others if they allowed it.

Like many young people I eventually wandered into organized religion right after high school. During the spring of 1973 found myself fully engaged in exploring my belief system as compared to those of others. It was quickly evident to those I connected with that I had a gift for healing. Within a short time I found myself providing this as a “ministry’ within a group of spiritualist evangelicals who recognized my gift as welcome evidence of God’s presence. During the following year I learned valuable lessons about myself, God, and my connection to the Divine. My gift only asks me to love, and be true to myself. However, the church demanded more than I was willing to sacrifice (a haircut, stop smoking, drinking beer, listening to rock & roll). It was about a year later I decided their demands were too narrow for my views on life. My gift worked just fine before their rules were given, and no better because of them. Much to their dismay I walked away never to return.

Nearly ten years later I had moved to Phoenix from central Kentucky. I worked as an electronics design and installation engineer for a local company. It wasn’t a great job, but it was employment. My last job assignment was to install a communications system control center I designed and built. It was to be securely placed at the top of an airplane hanger. Things were about to go very badly for me.

Within the last few minutes of this installation, the platform buckled under the weight of the equipment. I fell a very long distance down to the cement floor. The date was November 11th at 11 am 1981. It was sometime during the fall, or perhaps just after I hit the floor that I experienced a near-death episode that seemed to last for several minutes. During the experience, I was shown how I had wasted my life with useless time spent on selfish endeavors. Afterward I heard a voice I cannot forget. This “person” told me I had a second chance and must return. It was at that point I was shown what my potential role in helping others would be if I allowed my gift to fully mature. Thanks to another healer blessed with a similar gift I was encouraged to open up to those who needed help. I was for perhaps the first time upon my path to help others. At the time I didn’t realize it would be nearly 20 years more before my abilities would be accepted and recognized.

You never know when you might be called upon to help someone and the event changes your life as well as theirs. This was the case in early 1998.

A friend called me to help a severely injured man who lay hopelessly in a coma following an industrial accident. The medical community had completely exhausted their attempts to help Steve.

According to hospital records, there was no hope he would ever regain consciousness. To complicate matters, there were serious infections which had further deteriorated his condition. His medical benefits exhausted, it was suggested his life support be terminated.

Desperate for a miracle, his wife contacted me through a mutual friend. Until this time it was the only way I could be contacted – referrals from those who knew me. When I arrived to the hospice I found this man lying on his back, tubes and monitors attached to various areas of the body and head. Entering my state (that’s what I called it…) I looked into the spiritual; realm. There, I found him asleep deep within his body. Tired and afraid, he had gone deeply into a coma not wanting to be aware of the activity around him.

Placing my hands upon him I saw the problems and how to repair them – this is always how the process occurs. Everyone was shocked when he slowly awoke from this terminal coma within moments of working on him. Looking around the room I saw nurses and doctors rushing in, a wife sobbing with relief, and a good friend with tears in his eyes as he gazed once again into the face of a friend he thought was lost. I silently turned away and left this behind. My work was finished, another life – another person – helped.

Another year goes by, and many more people come and go. One day I received a call about this healing. The person at the other end of the line was Rod Haberer who would eventually become a close friend. Rod ask me if I would object to a news story done about myself and the healing that had occurred. Of course, I felt it would be fine, not thinking much of the incident. I had seen so many miracles before. To me this was just another instance of God’s presence. Within a week the story was brought to public attention after FOX TV aired the segment. The near death man spoke to the camera with determined conviction of his experience. The news was out, and the requests for help started pouring in from locations worldwide. During the last 12 years FOX News has continued to cover my work and those I have helped. Visit the Video Testimonial page to watch.

I enjoy this work. My greatest rewards come from seeing the faces of clients and their families once they realize the problem (or symptoms) have vanished. To date I have assisted in what many consider miracles. The blind have been brought from darkness, the near dead have returned to health, and those thought to be terminally ill have recovered their lives. I have seen so many folks with cancer, AID’s and long confusing lists of medical conditions described in eloquent terms only doctors understand. These to me are miracles, a validation God exists….

Yes, there are those who simply do not believe this is possible. There is no way to really explain how this works when using conventional terms. How is it possible that cancer, a broken limb, or chronic condition goes from distress to normal in an instant? How is it possible that such an unlikely person as myself seems to be the one manifesting these seemingly miraculous events? I am not a saint, or even religious. I have made many mistakes, have many regrets and though I strive to do good I sometimes falter at the worst times. In a nutshell, I’m not much different than you reading this. Yet something seems to have been provided me that few, if any, have ever experienced. I can’t explain it any more than most can understand it. Yet, I and others have seen these events thousands of times. Each time I am as astonished as those present, whether they are the attending doctors, the family or friends, or my client. I can’t “prove” what I do works, nor am I interested to try. I simply do my best and leave the details to a higher power I have come to call God.