Masterclass #10 -Astrology and Radionics – Tadd Mann interviewed by Michael Leger

Tad Mann is an expert in both radionics and astrology. You’ll want to tune into this Masterclass on astrology and radionics. Tad has written many books such as “Sacred Landscapes” and “The Mandala Astrological Tarot”. Tan has also written “Sacred Architecture”, “Sacred Sexuality”, “Astrology and the Art of Healing” and “A New Vision of Astrology.  This will be the ninth class in the USPA Masterclass series.

Our Masterclass series is a hands-on virtual class that is focused on a broad range of topics: psychotronics, radionics, dowsing, healing, and more. Our first Masterclasses have had a wonderful turnout. Want to catch up on past masterclasses? You can watch the replays when you become a member of USPA.

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Masterclass #10 -Astrology and Radionics – Tadd Mann interviewed by Michael Leger

Saturday, Oct 24, 2020 at 11 AM CST/12 PM EST
Hosted by Michael Leger

Learn About How Astrology Connects With Radionics

This masterclass is a recording of an interview of Tad Mann by Michael Leger. His dynamic narrative astrology involved a timescale and incorporates ideas from epigenetics by tracking gestation and early memories from the chart. Michael himself has had a reading by Tad and considers it to be the “best reading he’s ever had”.

Michael Leger interviews Tad Mann, one of the top astrologists and tarot readers of today. Are you interested in tarot readings, the magical, and the supernatural? Tad has experienced it all with some extraordinary people along the way. Going back in time Michael digs deep to find out what the radionics scene looked like back in the ’70s and 8o’s. All through the eyes of Tad. He will also go over how radionics works and the description of typical devices. You will learn about the types of devices that Tad Mann used back then, and the conscious challenges they propose.

The main topic of this interview will focus on Tad’s experiences with radionics practitioners in the UK during the 1970s and 1980s. Prior to moving to the UK, Tad had been an architect in Rome and NYC.  Tad has learned how aspects of astrology relate to radionics, homeopathy, and energy.

“It was an “AH-HA” moment for me. I was never a practitioner of radionics even though I used it all the time. I treated my daughter with homeopathy as well as radionics and I began doing it for friends in a way and to me it was a huge “opening up” in a sense.”


  • Tad Mann’s background as an architect an astrologer
  • His experiences working with radionics practitioners in the UK during the 70s and 80s
  • How astrology connects to other areas like radionics, energy and homeopathy

Saturday, Oct 24, 2020 at 11 AM CST/12 PM EST

Preview of The Interview With Tad Mann

This masterclass in an interview with author, astrologer, architect, and mandala painter Tad Mann. In this interview, he will be sharing his work with astrology and how it has connected to aspects of radionics, energy, and homeopathy.

Tad Mann

Tad Mann is an author, astrologer, architect, mandala painter, lecturer, teacher, designer, curator, documentary filmmaker, and founder member of Universal Quest. His many books explore time, astrology, the wisdom teachings, eastern religions, calendar systems, mandalas, sacred architecture, mantic arts, alternative healing, symbolism, tarot, healing, the sacred, and more. His sixteen books include The Round Art: The Astrology of Time and Space (1979); A New Vision of Astrology (2004); Sacred Landscapes: The Threshold Between Worlds (with photographs by Lynn Davis, 2010), the 2012 ATMann Mandala Calendar, The Sacred Language of Trees (2012), and The Mandala Astrological Tarot, (1987, 2008 & 2017). He is currently writing a book, “Awakening From the Serpent’s Dream: Symbols of the Divine Feminine and Women’s Power.” He lives and works in Hudson, NY, and is available for readings.


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