The next USPA Masterclass will be “A Radionic Approach to Fine Agriculture”, hosted by Hugh Lovel. You’ll want to tune into this Masterclass on agriculture and radionics. Our upcoming masterclass is dedicated to Hugh Mark Sten Lovel June 30, 1947 – August 25, 2020. This will be the ninth class in the USPA Masterclass series.

Our Masterclass series is a hands-on virtual class.  It is focused on a broad range of topics: psychotronics, radionics, dowsing, healing, and more. Our first Masterclasses have had a wonderful turnout. Want to catch up on past masterclasses? You can watch the replays when you become a member of USPA.

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“Masterclass #9 – A Radionic Approach to Fine Agriculture by Hugh Lovel”
Saturday, September 19th 2020 at 12 PM CST/1 PM EST

Discover A Radionic Approach to Fine Agriculture

This masterclass is a recording from his presentation at the 2019 USPA Conference. In his presentation, Hugh will report on his use of radionics and dowsing over the past forty years. A delightful storyteller and brilliant lecturer, Hugh will also explain his new radionic instrument which is designed for farmers and farm consultants.


  • The title of this presentation is “Flowing With Milk and Honey”, which is a reference to an Old Testament idea of the promised land.
  • Hugh discusses the power of spirit in living beings including crops and plants.
  • A look into the patterns and vibrations of the energy and how radionics detects this.

Masterclass on Agriculture and Radionics

Hugh was one of the first farmers to commercially grow ginger in Georgia. In his presentation, Hugh discusses crops and spirituality. Is wave and spirit the primary mover? Most people believe that they are their bodies – that substance is what gives rise to waves, and that substance is the prime mover of all things. What if the “wave” side of nature or the “spirit” if you want to call it, is the prime mover?

At the most fundamental level, all substance is oscillating through the waves are self-resonant and local as well as spherical or elliptical. We might say that substance is the spirit at rest. Though, at the atomic level, it vibrates incessantly, in appearance it is fixed and local matter.

Register for the Masterclass #9 - A Radionic Approach to Fine Agriculture by Hugh Lovel
Saturday, September 19th 2020 at 12 PM CST/1 PM EST

In Memorium

This masterclass dedicated to the late Hugh Lovel. Hugh was an author, retired farmer, agriculture consultant, and inventor. All of the USPA family will thoroughly miss Hugh and his presence.

Hugh Lovel

Hugh Mark Sten Lovel (June 30, 1947 – August 25, 2020 – Hugh Mark Sten Lovel of Blairsville, Georgia passed away peacefully out of this life at age 73 on August 25, 2020, surrounded by his wife and loving family and lifetime friends Bill Miller and Catherine Monet at Birds Nest Retreat on Dockery Road. He was born on June 30, 1947 in Kirkwood, Washington, the son of the late Walter Lovel and the late Isabel Nels­on Lovel. He was of the Episcopal Faith and a dedicated Anthroposophist who studied the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian philosopher and founder of the bio-dynamic approach to agriculture.

Hugh and his wife Shabari Bird established Quantum Agriculture, Inc in 2009 and became  worldwide travelers teaching at conferences, workshops, and field days, and conducting on-farm consultancy in the USA, Mexico, and Canada as well as overseas including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, South Africa, and Namibia.

Hugh was internationally known for developing the theory and practice of Quantum Agriculture. Several of His unique contributions to this field include charting the Biochemical Sequence, designing and producing the Quantum Agriculture Field Broadcaster, and designing a new Agricultural radionic instrument for treating farms.  Read Hugh’s Obituary Here.



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