Master Class #11 Nick Franks interviewed by Michael Leger

Your newest Master Class is here. Enjoy this interview with the one and only master of radionic devices: Nick Franks interview.

The next USPA Masterclass will be an interview with Nick Franks who will be interviewed by Michael Leger. Nick Franks is an expert in both radionics and a master’s in telepathy and homeopathy. You will want to tune into this Masterclass on radionics. Franks though was not to inspired by the idea of radionics and did not quite understand it at first, he still studied the technical aspects of the art. Nick franks is a manufacturer of radionic instruments. Find out the story of how this master of radionics devices got his start.

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Master Class #11 Nick Franks interviewed by Michael Leger
Saturday, NOV 21, 2020 at 11 AM EST/10AM CST
Hosted by Michael Leger

USPA Master Class

Michael Leger interviews Nick Franks, one of the top radionics manufacturers in the UK. Are you interested in Telepathy, Homeopathy, and Natural Healing? Franks digs deep into the science behind radionics instruments, how they work, and what each is used for. And it all started with just a simple book named “The science of cosmic ray therapy” He will also go over how radionics works and the description of typical devices. You will learn about the types of devices Such as dewar instruments and the energy transmitter.

Join Micheal Leger as he asks Nick Franks all about his thoughts, ideas, and inspiration when it comes to the art and creation of radionics. Enjoy stories of all the people Nick ran into during his journey with radionic instruments. Stories with people such as Pat Saxton, John Doe, Chris Dilus, and Aubrey Westlake.

The main topic of this interview will focus on Frank’s experiences with radionics and how he became fascinated by the construction of radionic instruments. Living within the UK, Franks had been an architect in Rome and NYC. Nick has learned how aspects of astrology relate to radionics, homeopathy, and energy.

Highlights of the MasterClass

  • Details of the Malcolm Ray analyzer
  • Behind the scenes of creating an energy transmitter
  • Story of Delwar instruments
  • Inside Chris Dennison’s idea of energy transmitter’s
  • Tour of the analyzer
Saturday, Nov 21, 2020 at 11 AM EST/10AM CST

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About Nick Franks

Nick Franks started off his path to radionics back in 1973 after his long career in professional audio. Since then he has had a long road filled with interesting and inspiring characters. Helping to provide him with radionics knowledge. This includes Bruce Coppin, Malcolm Ray, and Chris Delius. This is not a Master Class you are going to want to miss.



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