FREE Masterclass Hosted by Lutie Larsen! Welcome to the first Masterclass in the USPA Masterclass series. This is a new hands-on virtual class that is focused on a broad range of topics: psychotronics, dowsing, healing, and more. “Radionic Research – Learn To Use, Teach, & Explain The Fundamentals of Radionics” is all about radionic research, for the purpose of helping you learn, use, teach or explain. Radionics is the practice of expanding a mind and material cross-over using precisely tuned instruments.  It is a process used in the healing arts and holistic industries. The research and information presented in this Masterclass is from Don Paris, PhD (h.c.), and hosted by Lutie Larsen.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at 7 PM – 8 PM CDT

Masterclass Overview

Part I – The History of Radionics And Its Development

This first section covers the early effort in the field of radionics. Dr. Albert Abrams (1863 – 1924) was the forerunner of the field. Abrams discovered how to identify diseases without cutting into the body. Abrams developed radionics as a way to treat diseases by altering the body’s vibration.  Learn about other pioneers and educators as well as the tools and equipment used in Radionics.  Additionally, agriculture, nutrition, animal health, and sacred space are just a few areas where Radionics tools can be applied.

Part II – Experiments, Equipment and Techniques

In this section, learn about a few of the early experiments associated with Radionics, equipment that was used, and the earliest techniques.  The early history was a time of innovation and experimentation- scientists were learning about the laws that govern the world. The Galen Hieronymus Experiments were centered around analyzing the bodies of those who were on the Apollo flight in December of 1968. Through these experiments, Galen also discovered “eloptic energy” and “scalar waves”.

Part III – Education and the Future of Radionics 

The field of radionics is vast- and there are many avenues for educating others. Aspiring teachers have plenty of tools to assist them in teaching its techniques. In this section, get an exclusive interview with Don Paris, Ph.D. (h.c.) – sharing some of his experiences and how he started his research. In his interview with Lutie, Don also touches on the concepts of quantum physics and quantum entanglement.

Don Paris, Ph.D. (h.c.)

Don Paris is a published author, speaker, video producer, and musician.  His book, Regaining Wholeness Through the Subtle Dimensions has been published internationally.  He is known as the guru of the SE-5, the world’s most respected subtle energy, scalar instrument.  Don is well-loved for his style of bringing challenging concepts into an easy to understand language. He has been a popular speaker at the Global Sciences Congress, Congress of Spiritual Scientists, Quantum Energy Medicine Conference as well as the United States Psychotronics Association. Dr. Paris has created the most advanced, detailed training courses, principles, and explanation of the whole field of Radionics and Scalar technology. He began exploring the subtle dimensions in the early ’70s, and has now trained people in over 30 countries in the workings of Radionics and the subtle dimensional realities.

Radionics Researcher Lutie Larsen

Lutie is a radionic researcher for more than 30 years is an excellent consultant for the use of the SE-5 equipment.

USPA 41st Annual Conference “The Art & Science of Energy Healing

Want to learn MORE about radionics? Join us at the 2019 United States Psychotronics Association Conference- July 26-28 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Chicago in Skokie, Illinois. These presentations will be specifically on radionics- Radionics and Keely’s Law of Sympathetic Oscillation, A Radionic Approach to the “Gene Keys” and Energy + Resonance = Healing: Understanding the Radionics Equation.