USPA’s annual conference hosts vendors featuring a variety of businesses – radionics, energy work, holistic remedies, homeopathy, pyramid power, and more. This year, the USPA annual conference titled “The Art & Science of Energy Healing” will take place on July 26-28 2019 at the Doubletree by Hilton in Skokie, Illinois. Become a vendor and exhibitor. Get your business in front of your target audience at the 2019 USPA Conference!

Since 1975, the United States Psychotronics Association has been hosting annual conferences for its members as well as the scientific community. USPA’s conferences have featured countless individuals with cutting-edge viewpoints, research, or theories to share, allowing any interested persons to openly discuss their work. USPA serves as a focal point for scientific and technical exploration of the universe of esoteric, spiritual, and psychic arts in the United States of America. In addition to speaker presentations, these annual conferences deliver a variety of resources for its participants – supplementary workshops and vendors offering the latest ideas and technology.

Grow Your Business at the 2019 USPA Conference

USPA’s annual conference features vendors who come from a variety of backgrounds in the science/metaphysical/healing industries – from radionics to holistic remedies. Conference attendees get a chance to discover quality, unique books, gifts, tools and more. Becoming a vendor and exhibitor at the USPA conference gives small and medium-sized businesses an opportunity to reach over a large target market. Every business needs marketing, and featuring your business at a vendor or tradeshow is part of your marketing budget. In addition to marketing, becoming a vendor is an opportunity for branding your business as well as:

  • Get sales
  • Launching new products
  • Develop customer loyalty
  • Building new relationships with customers, suppliers, and distributors
  • Developing your brand

Register As a Vendor

To sign up as a vendor at the 2019 USPA Conference, you’ll have to fill out a vendor form and pay a minimal fee for vendor and exhibitor table. Vendors and exhibitors also have the opportunity to purchase at ticket to attend the Conference speaker presentations. This ticket also includes an annual membership to USPA. Vendor setup is Friday, July, 26 at 9 am. You will have the space until the conference ends at 7 pm on Sunday, July 28 at 7 pm. To book your hotel stay the Double Tree hotel, please follow this link for special room rates.

When you become a vendor at the USPA Conference, you’ll have to plan and prep for your businesses table. Customize your exhibit with marketing and promotional materials such as business cards, brochures, leaflets, brochures, pens, tablecloths, banners, and press kits. You’ll also want to publicize your vendor booth at the USPA Conference with email marketing, social media announcements, press releases, and giveaways.

We’re looking forward to having you as a vendor & exhibitor at the 2019 United States Psychotronics Association Conference!