USPA is proud to announce its third FREE Radionics Masterclass hosted by Marty Lucas. This will be the next class in the USPA Masterclass series. These are a new hands-on virtual class that is focused on a broad range of topics: psychotronics, radionics, dowsing, healing, and more. Our first Masterclasses hosted by Lutie Larsen and Scott Beutlich had a wonderful turnout. We are continuing the Masterclass series with another  FREE Radionics Masterclass. Want to catch up on past masterclasses? You can watch the replays when you become a member of USPA.  If you are already a member of USPA, you can access past videos in the “Members” area of our website.

Join Marty Lucas for “The Radionic Stick” – learn about radionics instruments in this FREE Radionics Masterclass. The standard Hieronymus-type radionic instrument requires interaction with the operator. The instrument is tuned and the operator then feels for the resonant point by rubbing his fingers across a smooth reaction plate. When the instrument is in resonance the operator notices that the reaction plate becomes sticky. While it takes some practice, nearly anyone can learn it. But the idea of the ‘stick’ seems to add magic to the entire process.

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Thursday, October 3, 2019 7 pm CDT/8 pm EST

Free Radionics Masterclass Overview

This webinar will cover the standard Hieronymus-type radionic instrument- what it is and how it works. A Hieronymus machine is any of the patented radionics devices invented by electrical engineer Thomas Galen Hieronymus.

Marty Lucas

Marty Lucas is the current president of the USPA and the owner of Every Advantage. In the last 10 years, Marty has become one of the nation’s leading radionic consultants, instructors, and researchers. He is a regular guest instructor at the annual Great Radionic Expo, the United States Psychotronic Association and the American Society of Dowsers. When he is not working in his lab, teaching, or enjoying time with his family, Marty will be on his small organic farm in southeast Iowa.

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