USPA Members Only Area – (Part III)

Special PDF, Power Point and Masterclass Chat Documents 

Rubik / Michrowski Powerpoint From Masterclass #19:  Michrowski PowerPoint

Darren Starwynn PowerPoint from Masterclass #17:   Darren’s PowerPoint

Dan Davidson’s PowerPoint – Shape Power, Revisited

Dan Davidson’s PowerPoint – Manifesting from the Aether

Monarch Butterfly Dowsing Kit by George Kuepper and Kristen Conklin MDK 

Jerry Gin’s PowerPoint  Science and Subtle Energies – A Path to I AM

The Toby Grotz Collection

2001 USPA Subtle Energy Workshop PDF for Students 

2022 USPA Masterclass #31 Ellen Kamhi- Pineal Stimulation PDF

 Dr. Marina Kostina’s  Interview of Ed Kelly at the 41st USPA Conference  YouTube

 Dr. Marina Kostina’s YouTube Interview of Ed Kelly at the 41st USPA Conference   Transcript

PDF Catalogs –  USPA Conference Audio and Video Recordings from 1978 to 2019 – AND – The Table of Contents of 18 Conference Proceedings