USPA Members Only Area – (Part III)

Special PDF, Power Point and Masterclass Chat Documents 

2023-01-21 Glen Rein Masterclass -Reprogramming DNA.pptx  Click Here

12/12/2022 USPA Board Meeting and Membership Meeting  Click Here

10/15/2022    David Oates Reverse Speech.pdf

8/13/2022 Jerry Gin’s PowerPoint  Science and Subtle Energies – A Path to I AM

7/16/2022  USPA Masterclass #31 Ellen Kamhi- Pineal Stimulation PDF

12/23/2021 Dan Davidson’s PowerPoint – Manifesting from the Aether

12/18/2021 Dan Davidson’s PowerPoint – Shape Power, Revisited

8/28/2021 Rubik / Michrowski Powerpoint From Masterclass #19:  Michrowski PowerPoint

7/31/2019Dr. Marina Kostina’s  Interview of Ed Kelly at the 41st USPA Conference  YouTube

7/31/2021 Dr. Marina Kostina’s YouTube Interview of Ed Kelly at the 41st USPA Conference   Transcript

6/26/2021 Darren Starwynn PowerPoint from Masterclass #17:   Darren’s PowerPoint

2001 USPA Subtle Energy Workshop PDF for Students 

Monarch Butterfly Dowsing Kit by George Kuepper and Kristen Conklin MDK 

 The Toby Grotz Collection

PDF Catalogs –  USPA Conference Audio and Video Recordings from 1978 to 2019 – AND – The Table of Contents of 18 Conference Proceedings