USPA Library Masterclass Chat Room

The documents in this ‘room’ are supplemental to the recorded Masterclass Videos now available  only to paid USPA Members via our MEMBERS tab.

Since mid 2019, USPA has been presenting special monthly Masterclasses. These are live, online presentations via Zoom. We continued to present these through the pandemic and the series is ongoing as of this writing (October 2023). ALL of the Masterclasses are recorded! These  recordings are available for viewing on the Members only tab. At this point there at 52 of these videos! They are also available for purchase in our SHOP.

During many of these presentations, there was a lively chat going on it the Zoom sidebar. Many questions posed in the chat were covered by the speaker in the Q & A session at the end of the presentation. Occasionally, the presenter would follow up with answers that could not be covered due to time constraints and send us a document to share.

The Chats are a great “addendum” to the videos of the Zoom class.

Masterclass Zoom Chats

Masterclass #48 Zoom Chat- Connecting Remote-Viewing Data with Replicable Video Evidence of Extraterrestrial Involvement with Earth with Courtney Brown

Masterclass #48 Zoom Transcript- Connecting Remote-Viewing Data with Replicable Video Evidence of Extraterrestrial Involvement with Earth with Courtney Brown

Masterclass #47 Zoom Chat- Mechanical Occultism – A Goethean Journey into Psychotronics with John Ech

Masterclass #46 Zoom Chat- Energetically Imprinted Water with Libby Rutledge

Masterclass #45 Zoom Chat- How to Discern the Truth- Lessons from a Scientist with Beverly Rubik

Masterclass #44 Zoom Chat– Crystallization Patterns-Interaction Between Energetic And Biological -Ellen Kamhi

Masterclass #43 Zoom Chat Applying Mathematical Algorithms for Healing with Kathy Forti

Masterclass #42 Zoom Chat– Radionics, Radiesthesia and Rife Technologies with Ed Kelly

Masterclass #41 Zoom Chat– Dr. Michael Andron: Stories of healing with Andrija Puharich and Dr. Greta Woodrew.

Masterclass #40 Zoom Chat An Afternoon of Radionics with Pete Radatti

Masterclass #40 Zoom Chat Extra Pete Radatti’s Answers to Chat Questions

Masterclass #40 Pete Radatti’s  -Radionics Class Info

Masterclass #39 Zoom Chat  With Marc Seifer

Masterclass #38 Zoom Chat with John Allocca 2-18-20 23.pdf

Masterclass #37 Zoom Chat– Reprogramming DNA with Glen Rein and Annalise Reid

Masterclass #36 Zoom Chat The Human Aspect Of Radionics: Thoughts, Words, And Actions with Dan Mangum

Masterclass # 35 Zoom ChatArchaeus Project with Dennis Stillings 

Masterclass #34 Zoom Chat – Reverse Speech with David Oates

Masterclass #33 Zoom Chat– Near Death Experiences with PMH Atwater

Masterclass #32 Zoom Chat Science and Subtle Energies – A Path to I AM” with Jerry Gin

Masterclass #31 Zoom Chat Pineal Stimulation for higher Health and Consciousness with Ellen Kamhi

Masterclass #30 Zoom Chat – Experiences with Guy Obolensky and Preston Nichols with Al Kacperski and Al Rohde

Masterclass #29 Zoom Chat The Luminous Radiance of the Human Lymph System with Sky David

Masterclass #28 Zoom Chat with Dannion Brinkley 4-9-2022.pdf

Masterclass #27 Zoom Chat Radionic Panel 3-19-2022.pdf

Masterclass #26 Zoom Chat with Duncan Laurie 2-26-2022.pdf

Masterclass #25 Zoom Chat with Dan Winter 2-05-2022.pdf

Masterclass #22 Zoom Chat with Glen Rein 11-20-2021.pdf