A Double Header Masterclass!

Masterclass #19. SIGNUP for August 28th, 11:00 am Central Starting Time

 Beverly Rubik and Andrew Michrowski Present: “Wireless Technology, Radiation, and the Possible Connection to the Covid-19 Pandemic.”

In Brief: Andrew Michrowski will start this Masterclass at 11:00 am Central time, and he will cover the basics on wireless and especially 5G, safety and health issues, and where the technology applications are headed in the future, plus protective measures.  Beverly Rubik will follow after a short intermission and will focus on the possible role of 4G & 5G in the COVID-19 pandemic and the overlapping symptomatology.

Andrew will touch on some of the following questions

  1. Define the spectrum and wave properties (modulation, pulsations) of wireless radiation from technology and 3G, 4G, and 5G.
  2. What is the official position on exposure & safety to these radiations? (USA, Canada, ICNIRP, IEEE, FCC, European Union)
  3. Are these public health guidelines sufficient? Or is wireless radiation harmful to humans? What about other species and the biosphere? Who decides what is safe?
  4. What are the biological effects of wireless on humans? Explain the thermal effects and the nonthermal effects and the scientific controversy concerning nonthermal effects. What is electrosensitivity, or electrohypersensitivity as it is sometimes called?
  5. 5G infrastructure is antennas, base stations, and satellites—please explain them and the phased array nature of 5G signals.
  6. 5G infrastructure is being installed now—what is the status of this in Canada & the US (and elsewhere in case you know)?
  7. What 5G consumer devices (mobile phones, computers, wireless routers, and smart meters) are now available for purchase & use?
  8. Are you concerned about radiation exposure and health? How can people protect themselves against wireless radiation exposure? Is prudent avoidance the best way? Are there protective products that have independent scientific testing and peer reviewed publications in scientific journals? Please describe such products that have been tested, how they work, & tell us about the testing that was done to prove efficacy.
  9. Where do you see wireless technology going in the next few years? We hear about the coming 6G, which involves wireless technology installed in the human body. There is an interest in monitoring human physiology in this way, and possibly much more, including control of behavior or inputting thoughts. What do you know about plans for future technology in this regard?

Beverly’s Presentation will follow Andrews as she discusses:

Is Wireless Communication Radiation a Possible Factor in the COVID-19 Pandemic? According to the CDC, there is a triad of relationships in all diseases—the agent, the health of the host, and the environment.

Considerations of the environment have been lacking in the present pandemic. 5G, the fifth generation of wireless communication radiation, had already been installed in Wuhan, China in October, 2019, just before the pandemic began. Subsequently a few epidemiological studies were done showing that the pandemic initially spread to regions in the world where 5G had been at least partially implemented.

In this presentation, evidence from the peer-reviewed literature will be presented showing that the bio-effects of wireless communication radiation and the symptoms and progression of COVID-19 are quite similar. This overlap suggests a relationship.

Therefore, it is possible that exposure to wireless communication radiation—including the deployment of 5G along with the densification of 4G–exacerbated the pandemic, by weakening people, disrupting their immune systems, and causing adverse effects on the blood, among other effects.

In this presentation, you will learn:

(1) What 5G infrastructure entails and how it is progressing worldwide;

(2) The epidemiological studies showing a link between 5G infrastructure and the spread of the pandemic;

(3) The bio-effects of 4G and 5G and how they are similar to COVID-19 manifestations and disease progression;

(4) How we can best protect ourselves from wireless radiation from technology

About Beverly Rubik: She earned her PhD in biophysics at University of California at Berkeley. She teaches energy medicine to doctoral students at Saybrook University. She is also president & founder of Institute for Frontier Science, a 501c3 nonprofit laboratory conducting research on the human biofield and the effects of microwaves on health.

About Andrew Michrowski: He attended Politecnico di Milano, Architecture, Urbanism & Regional Planning, with engineering & sciences (Dott. Arch., with honors). Served with Indian & Northern Affairs as Chief Planner, and with Secretary of State as forecaster, policy analyst and program evaluator, including EMF issues.  Authored:  Solutions to the global environmental crisisEM dimension of indoor environments (Indoor Air conference); Edited/co-edited: Basis of Electromagnetic Hygiene, ELF Primer. Scientific advisor NOVA series, TV specials and award-winning documentaries. Headed multi-year Canadian EMF in housing study for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation team. Consumer reports, EMF shielding, electric & hybrid car, and protective testing, safe housing guideline development. Briefs at United Nations, Geneva & New York, & Royal Society of Canada. Legal EMF issues expert witness, expropriation assessment reports.  Galileo Galilei 2017 International Award.