September 25th, George Kuepper’s presentation begins with his talk about his books, radionic gardening work, large-scale broadcasting to crops in Arkansas and his work to save Monarch butterflies; an open Q&A follows, much like our Bearden Class in March. REGISTER HERE

This is the theory of Radionics in Living Color – the Color of plants and fields and healthy crops!

George is originally from Wisconsin where he grew up on a small dairy farm and, later, earned degrees in geography and agronomy from the University at Madison.  He has spent his career researching and advocating for organic and sustainable food production.  George has written extensively on these topics, including system design, small-scale technology, heirloom crop varieties, organic compliance and on-farm processing, including the making of sorghum syrup.  Much of this literature remains in-print and can be found at, the Web site for the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture.

George was drawn to psychotronics in the mid-1980s when he encountered overwhelming problems growing commercial u-pick blueberries in southeastern Oklahoma—problems that were not adequately addressed by conventional agricultural methods.  In fact, conventional inputs and methods generally made things worse.

By using radionics analysis to re-design a nutritional program for the plants, he reversed the crop’s decline, banished virtually all diseases and pests, reduced inputs to a fraction of what they had been, and made the planting economically viable.  Since that time, George has written three books on radionics and psychotronics which can be seen on his personal Web site

His most recent book, Psychotronics and a Biodynamic Garden details his ongoing experiences combining radionics and dowsing with traditional biodynamic farming and gardening.

George will talk about his books, his on-going gardening efforts, and other projects including large-scale broadcasting to rice crops in eastern Arkansas and work to reduce the decline in Monarch butterflies.

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