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  • Part 1: Radionics in Art – Historical Perspective

  • Part 2: Dragonline Lab Experiments

  • Part 3: Quantec/AXXYXX Technology

February 26th, 1:00 p.m. Central Time

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Duncan Says: 

“Radionics, in other names and forms, has deep cultural connotations in many societies throughout history.

In those societies, radionics transcends healing and agricultural; it becomes a deep well of affirmative well-being, touching every aspect of life. It is a way of relating to the formative forces of vitality and consciousness.

What do I hope viewers get from the Masterclass? A broader understanding of Radionics as it relates to consciousness and art, especially as a creative tool.

About Duncan: 

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Duncan is the author of Secret Art : a Brief History of Radionic Technology for the Creative Individual (2009)

  • Born December 7. 1947, Detroit, Michigan.
    F.A., B.F.A. Sculpture. University of Pennsylvania, 1970 – 1973.
  • A., Art & Literature of the 20th Century, University of Pennsylvania.


    1986 to Present – Exploring and writing about semiotics and the relationship of subtle energy technology (psychotronic and radionic) to art; devising sonic plant and mineral communication experiments for artistic presentation (with Gordon Salisbury and others).
    Founder: non-profit foundation, with Aymon de Sales and Richard J. Reynolds III. Grants to alternative arts & sciences
  • 1981 to 1982 – VISIONARY PRODUCTIONS INC 21 West 86th Street, New York, NY
    1968 to 1973 – Founder and Designer, Star Buckle Company, Spinnerstown. Pa. Star Buckles were marketed throughout the world and continue to surface in the media in interesting contexts.
  • Published: Secret Art : a Brief History of Radionic Technology for the Creative Individual (2009) Includes a history of radionics, powerful new developments in ecological radionics, and serves as a manual for artists on how to design and use radionic technology.
  • Presentation: “A Non-linear Approach to the Study of Stone Artifacts and Sites”, New England Antiquities Research Association (NEARA), Ascutny, VT
    Video Vignette: “Rock Music”. Using rock electricity to provide a baseline for musical composition.