9-16-2023 1:00 pm. CT: FREE USPA Masterclass #46 “Energetically Imprinted Water” with Libby Rutledge. For a link to attend, click Libby’s Photo. If you are interested in being a sponsor for this Masterclass, contact Scott at uspsychotronics@yahoo.com 



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About this Masterclass

Energetically Imprinted Water

Water is amazing beyond our imagination. Dr. Masaru Emoto said “Water is a messenger of God.” Dr. Emoto’s experiments with water crystals were done to prove that water carries information. There are many ways to put information, or energy, into water. This talk will focus on energetically imprinted water that is made by using intention, radionics, Hado instruments from Dr. Emoto’s Office, and Light Language symbols. It was found that the characteristics of energetically imprinted water, as measured by radionics, change when the water is diluted, depending on what was imprinted. These results may be evidence of the consciousness of water.

About Libby Rutledge

Libby has a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology studying the process of endocytosis in cells. She did postdoctoral work in Gene Therapy, genetically engineering viruses to study how good genes could be delivered to cells to correct genetic defects. She has peer reviewed publications and a patent on a virus.

She worked for the Diabetes Center at the University of Washington in Seattle, directing a core facility specializing in real-time PCR, the technique that has been used to detect SARS CoV-2.

She also began to study with a meditation teacher in Seattle, and began to hear about auras, non-physical entities, and many topics which did not fit into her belief system, which was only what she could see, touch, or measure.

The meditation teacher moved to Montana, and so did Libby. Libby found a job teaching students molecular biology research at a tribal college, Salish Kootenai College on the Flathead Reservation.

The meditation teacher became abusive and after 14 years of being with this teacher, Libby was thrown out of the group. To cope with the trauma and realization of having been in a cult, Libby found a hypnotherapist on the Flathead Reservation. He was also an herbalist and radionics practitioner. He built a radionics instrument for Libby, and she began to learn, unsuccessfully, to feel the “stick.”

However, Libby found a way to do radionics. She also began seeing in her mind’s eye symbols that were of a very powerful Light Language, and she constructed phrases that had strong energies as measured by radionics. In 2019 Libby traveled to Tokyo for training in Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Office for instruction in Hado (“frequency” in Japanese). She now utilizes radionics, Hado, and the Light Language to make energetically imprinted water, and to research the power of intention.