8-19-2023 1:00 pm. CT: FREE USPA Masterclass #45 “How to Discern the Truth: Lessons from a Scientist” with Beverly Rubik. For a link to attend, click Beverly’s Photo. To be a sponsor for this Masterclass, contact Scott at uspsychotronics@yahoo.com 


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About this Masterclass

Throughout her scientific career, Dr. Beverly Rubik has witnessed the stifling or suppression of novel scientific discoveries that challenged mainstream dogma, from alternative therapies to studies on parapsychology and subtle energies.   Such “frontier science” remains largely outside of mainstream science.  Today humanity is suffering from an even larger problem, a global “pandemic” of disinformation and misinformation.  Most information is often a mix of truth and untruth. Yet censorship, downright lies, and scientific fraud have become rampant for any information or ideas that are perceived to challenge the “official narrative.” Our freedom of speech has been seriously curtailed.  So, how can we know what is true?  Dr. Rubik will delve more deeply into this enormous problem that affects all of humanity at a time when reliable information is pivotal to making informed life decisions. She will share her strategies toward discerning reliable information, as well as identifying the “red flags” where more critical questioning is appropriate.

About Beverly Rubik:

Dr. Beverly Rubik earned her Ph.D. in biophysics at the University of California, Berkeley.  She is an academic scientist internationally known for her pioneering research that challenges scientific dogma.  In 1997 she founded Institute for Frontier Science, a nonprofit laboratory near San Francisco.  Her scientific contributions include studies on the biofield, energy medicine, water, consciousness, and the adverse health effects of wireless radiation. She has published almost 100 scientific papers and two books. She is a board member of the USPA and a former USPA president. Websites:  www.frontiersciences.org   www.brubik.com