December 18, 2021- This USPA Masters class is a Pre-recorded talk and Q/A with Dan Davidson. Dan is the author of “Shape Power, Second Edition.”

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Dan will talk about his book and “The Fundamental Discovery of How Shape Modifies Undifferentiated Universal Aether Into Electricity, Magnetism, and Nuclear Forces”

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This new revised treatise on how form converts universal aether into electromagnetic and gravitic forces and related discoveries in gravitational physics is the result of 56 years of personally funded research. Dan has broken the code on how the process works… how nature manifests from the virtual particle soup of the aether into matter. The unified field theory which puts all this into perspective, complete with the mathematical physics and a morphology of atomic structure, is defined in this work, establishing the embryonic basis for a new branch of physics and chemistry. The implications of the breakthrough discoveries elucidated in this book have far reaching implications in every area of our lives.

“Shape power” is the ability of multi-dimensional shapes to manipulate the “aether“–the local space energy field which permeates all space and time. The aether as a term and a concept is not currently accepted in academic circles because the aether was supposedly disproved back in the early part of this century by the Michaelson-Morley experiment. Flaws in the experiment caused new experiments to be run which indicated the existence of the aether. The orthodox physics community has not formally accepted these results. However, research in the last 20 years has brought the aether back in a new guise called zero point energy (ZPE).

Some Learning Points for Dan’s presentation:

1. How the aetheric operates also provides a better view of dowsing and radionics, what they really are and how anyone can become an excellent dowser or radionic operator.

2. How the aetheric operates also provides a better view of vastly improved radionics. Current radionics is pathetically low powered.

3. Healing energies are intimately tied onto various qualifications of aether.

4. Free energy and gravitational physics are totally based on how the aether functions in these areas.

5. If mankind is to have an aether based physics and society, mankind will have to grow up. You don’t give a match to children that will destroy the world.

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Of Note: This may be a bit unusual, but we want to point out that  “Other Stores” on the internet are selling pirated copies of Dan’s work! So, if you are interested in Dan’s new book, Shape Power, Second Edition please go only to

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About DAN A. DAVIDSON – by Dan Davidson:

I have always been interested in science. In the 1940s, as a young boy, I tried to build a communicator that I envisioned. In the 1950’s the transistor was invented (actually stolen from Dr. T. Henry Moray) so my naive desire to build a communicator was woefully deficient. By High School I realized that the earth’s sciences and the planet in general were at a primitive level compared to what I remembered from somewhere else. A simple prayer to God to show me how the universe was built and functions opened doors to a fantastic life.

During college I would spend my spare time researching and studying and interviewing those who were brought into my orbit who had advanced knowledge of alternative science and associated information of past or current researchers. These researchers had built free energy devices, controlled gravity, invented radionics devices, etc. By the time I graduated from college with a couple of hard science degrees I had a good view of the current scientific system and a collection of various alternative science anomalies with a lot of backup data. For example, I took a trip with a friend who had similar interests. Plus he had a fantastic library on scientists like John E. W. Keely, Dr. Nikola Tesla, Dr. T. Henry Moray, Perrigo, etc. when information of this type existed nowhere else. We stopped in the Salt Lake area and visited Dr. T. H. Moray. He told us he had learned to build his 50 KW free energy unit from studies with Dr. N. Tesla in 1925. He had just found a way to increase power to 100 KW. Moray told me, on a later trip, the secrets of the Moray Radiant unit which enabled me to get a free energy device working.

My studies of Tesla, Keely, and others, and their phenomenal mental abilities led me to study Yoga which promised an avenue to tune to my Higher Self and have advanced mental capabilities. Via simple concentration exercises, I learned the capability to solve problems quickly and accurately. I used this technique to take tests for science and mathematics.

Having to earn a living I worked at various Aerospace firms in the San Francisco bay area, known as Silicon Valley as understood today, and also worked elsewhere. This afforded me further education of applying my college studies and I contributed to many discoveries. This education eventually led to my being a much sought after Systems Engineer and Scientist. I could solve problems with the mind techniques I had learned from Raja Yoga. I had a consulting business for 13 years traveling to various companies solving problems.

Years ago, Peter Moscow (then USPA president) put together a team of us that went to England to study one of the few remaining Delaware Radionic Cameras. Our trip objective was to attempt a reactivation of the Delaware camera. My task was to provide a detail design layout so the camera could be reproduced. In addition, each of the team took turns trying to imprint an image on the camera’s film.

At present I have retired from the outer world and pursue my research of the higher realms of spirit. It has been and continues to be an interesting life for me and my dear wife.