Join us Saturday, 11/20/2021 for Glen’s free Masterclass.  Healing is a complex orchestrated progression of four  phases which involves multiple cell types and a variety of signaling pathways. Quantum healing involves balancing the energies in the body, whether they be electrical or subtle (Qi) in order to heal the imbalanced (quantum) information in the blueprint of our DNA. REGISTER HERE

To validate this quantum healing model, the effects of different forms of subtle energy, including longitudinal scalar waves, on the energetic (electrical) properties of DNA has been assessed experimentally using human DNA in-vitro. The focus of this original research has been to characterize the optimal type of subtle energy and the characteristic frequencies to resonate with DNA.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the difference between the standard biomedical definition of healing and the quantum healing model
  2. Learn what frequencies resonate with human DNA the strongest and why
  3. Learn why and how Vogel cut crystals are unique compared to other crystals
  4. Learn why structured water does not imprint frequency information

About Dr. Rein

After obtaining a PhD from London University and an Assistant Professorship at Mt.Sinai Medical School, he studied various biomedical disciplines at prestigious institutes like Harvard and Stanford Medical Schools. Dr. Rein has extensive corporate experience at a Fortune 100 company working on innovative product development and obtaining numerous patents. He is currently CEO of the QBRL conducting innovative basic and contract research ( Most recently Dr.Rein has co-founded an Aquaceutical research company (Glee Biologics) with Dr. Lee Lorenzen. Dr. Rein has numerous scientific publications (including Nature), is on numerous Boards, has lectured in eight countries and appeared on numerous radio, TV and documentary films.

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