United States Psychotronics Association was founded on the principles of science. Specifically on the study and research of mind, matter, energy and the universe. Every year since 1975, the had held its annual conference USPA members. These conferences have featured many researchers who have presented and discussed their work. Additionally, these presenters have done research in areas related to the broad category of science, spirit, mind, and technology. USPA conferences are a way to allow researchers to share their findings. This includes cutting-edge viewpoints, research, or theories with USPA members. The vision of USPA is to spread awareness of the knowledge that has been gathered from this research. The best way USPA can share that is through its Psychotronics Association membership program and archives.

USPA’s Organization and Its Members

Founded in 1975, the United States Psychotronics Association has become a strong network of individuals who are interested in the study of phenomena such as psychotronics, radionics, sound healing, aether, psi and more. Membership in the USPA is both diverse and fascinating. Our members include biophysics, physicists, physicians, radionics practioners, nurses, healers, chemists, as well as families and students. Some of our members practice energy therapies in a hands-on-healing method. Additionally, other members explore our theories for personal growth and evolution. Regardless of your personal or educational background, USPA is about camaraderie and sharing ideas and information with others.

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What Does a Membership with USPA Encompass?

USPA is a network for those who wish to interact, exchange ideas and collaborate with others who are interested in areas related to science, spirit, mind, and technology. Our organization is open to anyone to join- students, researchers, teachers, medical professionals and more. Here are just a few of the many benefits of joining the USPA:

  • Free access to the USPA Psychotronics Library of articles, periodicals, books, and certain audio tapes, videos, and other materials on psychotronic subjects, useful to your research.

  • Your right to discounts on the purchase of certain items and services made available for sale or provided by the USPA and its members.

  • Free subscription to the USPA Newsletter

One of the biggest benefits of a membership with the USPA includes access into our archives. This includes free and unlimited access to our archives: articles, periodicals, and books, as well as key audio tapes, and videos. The USPA has been collecting multimedia of research and past conferences over the years. Archives can be used for your personal or academic research. If you are interested in a membership with USPA, choose the best membership plan for you.

USPA’s New Website

As an organization that has been around since 1975, USPA is proud of its scientific legacy and imprint. To celebrate 40 years of USPA, we are unveiling our new website design. Above all,we hope that you enjoy browsing this updated site and its contents.

USPA is a nonprofit organization founded in 1975 to serve as a focal point for scientific and technical exploration of the universe of esoteric, spiritual, and psychic arts in the United States of America. Every year, the USPA holds its annual conference for its members. To become a member of USPA, you can fill out the online application or contact our membership coordinator Phyllis Weiland. If you have any questions about USPA Archives, you can call or email our archivist, librarian, and museum curator, Dr. John Reed. For general questions or comments about USPA and our organization, send us a message here.