Masterclass #6 – Balancing Ideas with Thought Forms Is the Future Of Radionics -With Marty Lucas

. This will be the next class in the USPA Masterclass series- a new hands-on virtual class that is focused on a broad range of topics: psychotronics, radionics, dowsing, healing, and more. Our first Masterclasses have had a wonderful turnout. Want to catch up on past masterclasses? You can watch the replays when you become a member of USPA.  If you are already a member of USPA, you can access past videos in the “Members” area of our website.

We are continuing the Masterclass series with another FREE Class on Radionics.

In this webinar, Marty will explain the power of ideas and thought-forms in terms of Radionics. 100 years ago, Einstein brought us the theory of relativity. 80 years ago, science discovered how particles are connected across distances.  They say that matter is light that solidifies. 80 years ago we learned about quantum entanglement, then 20 years ago the Weizmann Institute showed us that light responds to the observer. Consciousness can control light. Thoughts are things. Imagine what has been discovered in the last 20 years that we haven’t even heard about yet. Modern science is teaching us what religions have taught us for centuries – our thoughts change and craft our reality. We become what we think. Change our thinking, and we automatically change our lives.


  • Thoughts are tangible aspects of matter
  • Many religions abound with ideas on healing through prayer. What is the “healing power of thought?
  • Since thoughts are things, these thoughts have radionic frequencies. We can find those frequencies and measure what happens when we support or suppress them

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Thursday, January 30, 2020 7 pm CDT/8 pm EST

Free Radionics Masterclass Overview

This webinar will cover the power of thoughts and how they are actual things that exist in matter. These thoughts have the power to change the course of our lives and manifest into other things. The building your in, a book you’re reading, all started with a thought. Marty will go over how radionics practitioners can understand how thoughts are tangible things in matter.

Marty Lucas

Current president of the USPA and the owner of Every Advantage. In the last 10 years, Marty has become one of the nation’s leading radionic consultants, instructors, and researchers. He is a regular guest instructor at the annual Great Radionic Expo, the United States Psychotronics Association and the American Society of Dowsers. When he is not working in his lab, teaching, or enjoying time with his family, Marty will be on his small organic farm in southeast Iowa. For more information, visit

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This 3-day radionics workshop will be delivered by KRT’s Ed Kelly and Marty Lucas, President of Every Advantage radionics consulting. The 2020 workshop will include the After-Dinner Discovery Series (ADDS) – where special guests will share tools and techniques that have brought them success in radionics expertise. Also, the cost of registration will include lunch. Finally, we will be filming this event for the release of a KRT instructional video. We will film the audience.


Save the date for the 42nd Annual USPA Conference! July 31, 2020-August 2, 2020 – at the Hyatt Regency Deerfield – 1750 Lake Cook Rd, Deerfield, IL 60015. A day and a half of Pre Conference Workshop will also start Thursday AM. We will also announce Post Conference Workshops.

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