May 22, 2021 Ann Michels presents an “An Interview with  Shannon Harris on  “Audio Pharmacology” Followed by Live Q/A with Shannon and a Short Dance Party!

$15 donation – includes copy of the Two hour Zoom.


In this 60 minute interview, Shannon Harris will introduce an array of sound sciences, light theories, sacred/sonic geometry and vibrational techniques that can be implemented into healthier lifestyle practices. Live Q & A after the interview.

Following that We will have a Short Shannon Harris Zoom Dance Party.

Shannon’s Bio:  Shannon has had a multifaceted career spanning over 3 decades as a international DJ, musician, composer, label owner, videographer, Qi Gong instructor, humanitarian, pro-activist, speaker, teacher, healer, and Audio Pharmacologist™. With this diverse background, he bridges the healing arts, science, energy medicine and live entertainment performances under his unique practice entitled “Audio Pharmacology(tm)”.  His website can be found at