USPA PDF Journals Full Set #s 1-6, 1988 to 1993 (30% discount)

USPA PDF Journals Full Set #s 1-6, 1988 to 1993 (30% discount)


Get the collection of the USPA PDF Journals 1-6. These journals contain articles, journals, and dissertations from researchers and industry professionals.


The set of Six Journals includes:

USPA Journal, No 1 (November, 1988) Table of Contents

  • Psychotronics: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, by Dr. Henry C. Monteith
  • Consciousness of Matter, Inter-matter Communication and Ether Research, by Dr. Dietrich Luedtke
  • The Holistic Paradigm, by Moray B. King
  • AIDS: Urgent Comments on Mankind’s Greatest Threat, And The Secrets Of Electromagnetic Healing, by Thomas E. Bearden
  • Virtual State Art? The World Of Psychotronics, by Duncan Laurie

USPA Journal, No 2 (Spring, 1989) Table of Contents

  • Mathematics of the Yin-Yang Symbol, by Eldon A Byrd
  • Historical Symbolic Context of Energy Field Concepts, by Dennis Stillings
  • Homeopathic High Dilutions, by Florence Butler
  • Interacting with the Edgar Cayce Radial and Wet Cell Appliances, by Phil Thomas
  • Effect of Non-Hertzian Scalar Waves on the Immune System, by Glen Rein
  • The Electro-Psychometer Development and Two Useful Techniques, by Father Anselm Ober
  • The Politics of Science: A Background on Energy, by Christopher Bird
  • Scalars, Part I, by Eldon A. Byrd
  • Non-Hertzian Waves: The True Meaning of Their Usage in the Wireless Transmission of Power, by Toby Grotz
  • Tapping the Zero-Point Energy, by Moray B. King

USPA Journal, No 3 (Winter, 1989) Table of Contents

  • Project Tesla Update, by Toby Grotz
  • Images of the Invisible by Dennis Stillings
  • Scalars, Part II, by Eldon A. Byrd
  • How Should Science Handle the “Unbelievable”? by Theodore Rockwell
  • All About Gravitational Impulses by Gregory Hodowanec
  • The Value of Science and the Fetzer Foundation’s Mission, by Steven DeRyke

USPA Journal, No 4 (Summer, 1990) Table of Contents

  • Elements of the Time Machine: Homage to H.G. Wells, by Paul Laffoley
  • Scalar Current, by Moray B. King
  • Psychokinesis and Synchronicity, by Shelley Thomson and W.J. Ross Dunseath
  • Biological Significance of Water Structured With Non-Hertzian Waves, by Glen Rein and T.A. Gagnon
  • Reconciliation and Synthesis: A role for the USPA? by Theodore Rockwell
  • Cards, Dice, and Defense Mechanisms, by William Sweet

USPA Journal, No 5 (1991) Table of Contents

  • A Guided Experience and Method to Rediscover Lost Inventions of Nikola Tesla, by Win Wenger
  • The Resonant Universe: Time Waves and Consciousness, by Charles Muses
  • Kirlian photography…Thought and Spirit Photo Potential, by R. David Pankratz, Jr.
  • Remote Viewing and Psychokinesis Research, by Jack Houck
  • Some Thoughts on…The Language, Art and Music of the Virtual State, by Duncan Laurie
  • The Spiritual “Farmer,” by Beverly Coleman
  • Reactions to Sightings of “UFO Lights” and Associated ESP/PK Phenomena in a “UFO Flap Area, by Eugenia Macer-Story

USPA Journal, No 6 (1993) Table of Contents

  • New Science Potential, by Brian O’Leary
  • Selective Destruction of Bacteria and Cancer Cells Using Modulated Ultraviolet Light, by Dr. Harvey Bank
  • The Odic Periodic Table of Polarities, by J.G. Gallimore and R.E. Beutlich
  • Paradigms of Agriculture, by Arden B. Anderson
  • Why Life Responds To and Radiates 10 Hertz, by Eldon Byrd
  • Radionic Applications In Sustainable Agriculture, by Lutie Larsen
  • Bio-Electrical Reactions to Color, Sound and Frequency Waves….the Components of a Closed System, by Gene Chamberlain
  • Biosensor Detection of Exogenous Nonlinear Energies, by Mark Benza
  • On a Testable Unification of Electromagnetics, General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, by T.E. Bearden and Walter Rosenthal


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