USPA Journal, No 4 (Summer, 1990)

USPA Journal, No 4 (Summer, 1990)


The USPA journals contain articles, journals, and dissertations from researchers and industry professionals.


USPA Journal, No 4 (Summer, 1990) Table of Contents

  • Elements of the Time Machine: Homage to H.G. Wells, by Paul Laffoley
  • Scalar Current, by Moray B. King
  • Psychokinesis and Synchronicity, by Shelley Thomson and W.J. Ross Dunseath
  • Biological Significance of Water Structured With Non-Hertzian Waves, by Glen Rein and T.A. Gagnon
  • Reconciliation and Synthesis: A role for the USPA? by Theodore Rockwell
  • Cards, Dice, and Defence Mechanisms, by William Sweet


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