USPA Journal, No 2 (Spring, 1989)

USPA Journal, No 2 (Spring, 1989)


The USPA journals contain articles, journals, and dissertations from researchers and industry professionals.


USPA Journal, No 2 (Spring, 1989) Table of Contents

  • Mathematics of the Yin-Yang Symbol, by Eldon A Byrd
  • Historical Symbolic Context of Energy Field Concepts, by Dennis Stillings
  • Homeopathic High Dilutions, by Florence Butler
  • Interacting with the Edgar Cayce Radial and Wet Cell Appliances, by Phil Thomas
  • Effect of Non-Hertzian Scalar Waves on the Immune System, by Glen Rein
  • The Electro-Psychometer Development and Two Useful Techniques, by Father Anselm Ober
  • The Politics of Science: A Background on Energy, by Christopher Bird
  • Scalars, Part I, by Eldon A. Byrd
  • Non-Hertzian Waves: The True Meaning of Their Usage in the Wireless Transmission of Power, by Toby Grotz
  • Tapping the Zero-Point Energy, by Moray B. King


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