USPA Journal, No 6 (1993) Table of Contents

  • New Science Potential, by Brian O’Leary
  • Selective Destruction of Bacteria and Cancer Cells Using Modulated Ultraviolet Light, by Dr. Harvey Bank
  • The Odic Periodic Table of Polarities, by J.G. Gallimore and Bob Beutlich
  • Paragrams of Agriculture, by Arden B. Anderson
  • Why Life Responds To and Radiates 10 Hertz, by Eldon Byrd
  • Radionic Applications In Sustainable Agriculture, by Lutie Larsen
  • Bio-Electrical Reactions to Color, Sound and Frequency Waves: the Components of a Closed System, by Gene Chamberlain
  • Biosensor Detection of Exogenous Nonlinear Energies, by Marke Benza
  • On a Testable Unification of Electromagnetics, General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, by Tom Bearden and Walter Rosenthal