USPA 2007 Conference

Table of Contents

Speaker Topic Page
1 Angel, Steven, “Vibrational Medicine: Healing With Qi In The Form of Sonic Vibratory Energy” 5
2 Beutlich, Bob “As I See It” 9 Coleman, Beverly “Homeopathy for Past, Present, and Future Health” 12
3 David-Sky “Light and Sonic Therapeutic Effects on the Human Lymphatic and Immune Systems 18
4 Hardy, Mary “The Holy Grail Vortex” 51
5 Hero, Barbara “Multidimensional Analysis of the Lambdoma Keyboard Experiments” 59
6 Kamhi, Ellen “Crystallization Patterns as a Key to the Interaction between Energetic Essence and Biological Systems” 67
7 Klimo, Jon “The Neo-Shamanism of Quantum Idealism: Toward an Emerging Technology” 77
8 Kryder, Rowena “The Nine Egyptian Light Bodies: Sacred Science and Modern Science” 99
9 Lancaster, Linda “RADIONICS: Hope for the Modern World?” 113
10 Leath, Melissa “The Art of Inner Alchemy” 116
11 Louise, Roxanne “To Be or Not To Be Sick–Illness as a Choice” 123
12 Macer-Story, Eugenia “Breathing Light/ Breathing Time” 127
13 Michael, Sandra Rose “Bio-Scalar Technology: Regeneration and Optimization of the Body-Mind Homeostasis” 139
14 Michrowski, Andrew “EMF radiation and the human body–  breakthroughs in research” 144
15 Moscow, Peter “Homeopathy and Electronic Medicine” 167
16 Perry, Wayne “Sound Choices in Healing With The Voice” 173
17 Rauscher, Elizabeth “Mind Dynamics in Space and Time: A Scientist’s  Exploration of the Nature and Properties of Consciousness” 181
18 Rein, Glen “Information Storage in Water: The Heart of Homeopathy” 183
19 Rowley, Therese “ The Misdiagnosis of Multi-Sensory Children” 195
20 Russell, Bill “The Physicist, the Shaman and the Intuitive” 223
21 Slawecki, Tania “Future Energy and Future Medicine” 225
22 Sweet, Bill “Harmonizing Spirit and Science” 251
23 Thomas, Roland “Bio-Algae Concentrates Awakens The Genius Within” 263
24 Thomas,S/Rowley,E “The Pursuit of the Rife Microscope Paradox” 280
25 Valone, Tom “Progress in Future Energy Technologies” 286
USPA Code of Ethics 304