2008 USPA Conference Proceedings

2008 USPA Conference Proceedings


2008 USPA Conference Proceedings, Tim Atkinson, Dean Bader, Robert Beutlich, Darrell Brann, James Champion, Judy Lynn Cole, Laverne Denyer, John Ferguson, Pat Hendrix, Claude Swenson, Karl Maret, Beatrice Lydecker


2008 USPA Conference Proceedings  

Healing the Environment with Subtle Energy  
       by Tim Atkinson 4
Healing Animals Using Electronic Medicine  
       by Dean Bader DVM 5
Summary Of My Research Work from 1975 To 2007  
       by Robert E. Beutlich 11
The Harmonics Of Healing  
       by Darrell Brann RCST; RPP; LMT 16
The Consciousness Of Healing: the Color Print therapeutics  
       by James R Champion 22
Secret, Sacred, and (Perhaps Not So Subtle) Sonic Science  
       by Judy Lynn Cole 23
Earth’s Subtle Energy Systems and Patterns  
       by Laverne E Denyer 48
The Subtle Energies Of German New Medicine  
       by John Ferguson 91
The Impact of Effective Microorganisms on the Global Environment  
       by Pat Hendrix 96
Translating Nutritive Elements Into Musical Intervals  
       by Barbara Hero 102
Quantum Idealism: Propositions, Illustrations, and Operationalization; Toward the Emerging Spiritualization of Science  
       by John Klimo 112
How Animals Communicate: How Nutrition and the Environment Affect Your Pets Emotional Health  
       by Beatrice Lydecker 153
An Overview Of Quantum Medicine  
       by Karl Maret M.D. M.Eng. 154
Environmental Issues and Global Populations; Problems and Solutions of the Global Environmental Crisis.  
       by Elizabeth A. Rauscher, Ph. D. 174
The Global Threat of Electro Pollution and Subtle Energy Solutions  
       by Glenn Rein, Ph.D. 176
Approach to a theory of Radionics  
       by Dr. Claude Swanson 185
A Preliminary Study of the Life Energy Associated with Orgonite and Ormus by Means Of a Quantitative Dowsing Method  
       by Roger Taylor, Ph.D. 217



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