2011 USPA Conference Proceedings

2011 USPA Conference Proceedings


USPA Conference Proceedings, Sterling Allan, Brian David Andersen, Sky David, John ferguson, David Gann, Jon Klimo, Lutie Larsen, Eugenia Macer-Story, Margaret Moga, John Moody, Irene Mosvold, James O’Dell, Glen Rein, Keith Scott-Mum, Norm Shealy


Exotic Free Energy Ramifications for Health – Both for Power and in Physiological Interplay
by Sterling D. Allan 1
The Light Particle Realm of Your Cells
by Brian David Andersen 4
The Plasmonic Ocean of Light
by Sky David, M.P.T 76
It’s All About Information
by John Ferguson 88
Advance Research of the Stable Water Cluster- More Evidence for an underlying mechanism for Homeopathy
by David Gann 90
Mentalizing the Physical: Flying in the Face of Western Physics, Biology, and Medicine
by Jon Klimo. Ph.D 91
A New Look at the Family Garden
by Lutie Larsen 100
Subtle Cyber Robotics Extra-Dimensional Presence Within Ordinary Mass Structure
by Eugenia Macer-Story 105
Low Frequency Magnetic Field Activity as a Measure of Bioenergy Healing
by Margaret Moga 114
Food and Energy, Food as Energy
by John Moody 123

Quantifiable Effects of Non-local Healing

by Irene Mosvold 124
Medicines of the Hive
by James O’Dell, ND, OMD, L.Ac 128
Quantum Biology
by Glen Rein, PhD 173
The Effects of Conscious Intention of Healing Practitioners on Human DNA
by Glen Rein, Ph.D 178
The Science of Subtle Energies
by Dr. Keith Scott-Mum by, M.D 188
RejuvaMatrix Solar Homeopathy Ⓡ
by C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D 189


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