2004 USPA Conference Proceedings Table of Contents

“Vibrational Medicine: Healing With “Qi” in

the Form of Sonic Vibratory Energy ‘   

by Stephen Angel, B.A.,D.C.                                                     1

“the Bio-Field: Life as a Hyper-Dimensional Quantity”           

by James Beichler, Ph.D.                                                         5

“Detection, Measurements, and Analysis of

Ghost Phenomena”                                                                      

by William L. Bise, ScD                                                            25

 “Harmonics of Ascension.”                                                        

by Darrell Brann, RCST, Rpp,LMT                                           27

“Integration of Female & Male Energies in 21st Century”     

by Serafina Corsello, M.D.                                                        49

“Take Wing A Study of Our Etheric Frequency Modulation System.” 

by Laverne Denyer                                                                    55

“Depression Free; Naturally” (abstract)                                   

by John Ferguson                                                                     59

“Directing Our Own Magical Manifesting &

Spiritual Awakening”                                                                    

by Robert Foulkrod                                                                    60

“Cheap Construction of Active and Passive CHI

Generators at Home.”                                                                  

by Michael Frazier, CPA,MBA                                                   88

“The Feminine Principle and How it Operates Through

The Earth’s Grid.”                                                                        

by Mary Hardy                                                                           93

“Understanding the Galactic Shamanism Paradigm,

Connecting the Cosmos to the Earth.”                                     

by Randall Hastings                                                                  95

“ Cymatics from the Lambdoma Keyboard & Cellular

Oracle  & Music of Hydrogen”                                                    

by Barbara Hero                                                                        99

“Biological Transmutation in Soil from Lambdoma


by Lutie Larsen                                                                          99

“A Unified Field Theory of Pythagorean Matrix.”                    

by Barbara Hero                                                                        104

“Energy Healing and Psychokinesis”                                        

by Jack Houck                                                                           119

“The History of Aetheronic Radiation in the Scientific


by Benjamin F. Jacoby PhD, P.E.                                            133

“Darkfield Microscope as Tool for Monitoring Effect

of Subtle Energy on Living Systems.”         

by Ellen Kamhi , Ph.D., RN                                                       162

“Frequency Transfer System: Cleaning Up Pollution

May Improve Your Quality of Life.”                                            

by  Robert LaBine                                                                     172

“The Integration of Subtle Energy Healing in Medicine.”      

by Dr. Linda Lancaster                                                              174

“Radionic Techniques in Agriculture.”                                     

by Lutie Larsen                                                                          181

“The Many Moods of Color Light Therapy as Energy


by Melissa Leath                                                                       183

“Beyond Raw Intuition: The Clairvoyant as an Investigator.”  

by Eugenia Macer-Story                                                            187

“Biological Levitation.”                                                              

by Andrew Michrowski                                                             201

“Imprisoned Splendor: The Story of Camille.”                       

by Peter Moscow and Irene Mosvold                                       209

“Energy Laws of Space/Time Fields: Cosmic Energy

is Evident in Basic Mechanics.”                                               

by Dr. & Mrs. Huarte and Olson, Aaity                                    216

“Integrating Energy Practices in Emotional Healing Work.”

by Shelly Pinnell, MSW,LISW                                                  232

“The Unity of Consciousness Experience and

Current Physical Theory.”                                                         

by Elizabeth Rauscher, PhD                                                   241

“Dynamic Plasma Excitation Modes of Propagation

in the Ionosphere Associated with Seismic &

Volcanic Geo-Magnetic and Geo-Electric Fields.”                 

by Elizabeth Rauscher, PhD & William Van Bise, ScD.         277

“Hildegarde’s Litho-Therapy as a Foundation of

Contemporary Gem Therapy”                                                   

by Glen Rein , PhD                                                                  313

“Scientific Assessment of the Human Aura.”                          

by Beverly Rubik, PhD                                                             321

“The Emotional Field in Apports and PK.”                              

by Flametta Rubin                                                                   326

“The Unified Field of Mind.”                                                     

by Bill Russell, PhD                                                                 328

“Making a Difference: Lights, Camera Action.”                      

by Helen Stansfield                                                                  330

“Finding Your True Love and Role of: Chakras, TM,

Explicate & Implicate Orders, & Kinesiology as Super

Truth Dowsing Device.”                                                            

by Manfred Stansfield,                                                             333

“Honoring the Creative Feminine.”                                         

by Sandra Sitzmann,                                                               349

“Intuitive Agendas of Ancient Egyptian Women

and Contemporary Mother Earth.” 

by Stizmann, Sandra & Lawrence Kennedy                           353

“Harru Hoxsey and the Edgar Cayce Recipe.”                       

by Phil Thomas                                                                        354

“The Return of the Feminine and Interdimensional


by Dorothy Atala  Toy                                                              356

“Results of a Feasibility Study of Zero Point Energy.”          

by Tom Valone, Ph.D., P.E                                                     357

“The Transformation of the Solar System.”                            

by David Wilcock,                                                                    364

“Animal Bio-Magnetism”                                                            

by Sandra Sitzmann  & Lawrence Kennedy, PhD                  367