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The Back-Story of EnerGenesis  Amazing Energy-Healing Stories with Dr. Andrija Puharich and Dr. Greta Woodrew                                

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In the Master Class: Dr. Andron will share some remarkable case-studies, experiences of his years spent with Dr. Puharich in the lab and on the road, and amazing stories of both healings and studies with Dr. Greta Woodrew, his teacher and sister.

What is the EnerGenesis Protocol:

The EnerGenesis Protocol provides a revolutionary approach personal energy effectiveness: breathwork for health and focus, self-pressure energy balancing, and meditation skills to quiet and focus the mind.

In EnerGenesis, ‘energy’ is not a metaphor… it’s real! Understanding this energy paradigm, we believe, is the missing link in wellness education and the key principle that explains the application and success of EnerGenesis.

“The EnerGenesis Protocol was developed by Michael Andron, PhD, an educator, to simplify some of the most powerful of these tools and to make them easily accessible to anyone. His expertise as a Yoga Adept, a Grand Master of Chinese Martial Arts and Healing Arts, and a trained hypnotherapist and acupressurist, has been invaluable in developing the program. His expertise in Qi Gong, or energy discipline, which I have tested in the laboratory, has led him to the important conclusion of treating the energy paradigm as reality and not as a metaphor. This paradigm ‘shift’ changes each of the components of his program and how it is used… I have recommended hundreds of health professionals and lay healers (of all disciplines) to Dr. Andron and his energy-healing program. It is unique in its simplicity and effectiveness. The sum of my own research into EnerGenesis convinces me that its results are consistent, reproducible and supported by principles of bio-physics. Most important, thanks to Dr. Andron’s unique training approach, The EnerGenesis Protocol is TEACHABLE.”              ~~Dr. Andrija Puharich, M.D., Ph.D. (1919-1995) World renowned researcher of natural healing systems

The EnerGenesis Protocol is a program to change the way you feel, to enhance your body’s self-healing immune system, to increase your energy levels, to clear your mindIn EnerGenesis, ‘energy’ is not a metaphor… it’s real! Understanding this energy paradigm, we believe, is the missing link in wellness education and the key principle that explains the application and success of EnerGenesis.

Biography Michael Andron, Ph.D.

Let Dr. Andrija Puharich, (1919-1995) world renowned researcher of healing systems, introduce Michael Andron:

Dr. Andron is founder and director of KODESH: A Fellowship for Seekers of Wholeness, a nonprofit organization devoted to personal growth, mind-body effectiveness training, and inner awareness. For the last five decades, he has lectured and taught extensively around the world and has been featured in the media. He was an Adjunct Lecturer in Alternative Modalities in Family Care Practice at Bowman Gray School of Medicine at Wake Forest U.

He authored The Essential Guide to Energy Healing, [with his son Benjamin, an award-winning creative director of motion picture advertising], now available as an e-book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

Dr. Andron has developed and taught classes in Martial Arts and Yoga for the Performing Artist as a Psycho-physical Training Tool in the theatre departments at New York University, N.C. School of the Arts, and New World School of the Arts in Miami.

He and his wife Lillian have now relocated to Los Angeles, as Michael continues to teach The EnerGenesis Protocol and train practitioners.

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