4-15-2023, 1:00 pm. Central Time:  Masterclass #40 Radionics with Pete Radatti-

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Some of the topics Pete will be touching on are:

  1. Storage of rates on media.
  2. Creating witnesses of media.
  3. The ability to send witnesses of media over the Internet (email, messenger, etc.)
  4. The consequences of the above.
  5. What a rate media library is
  6. A new way of solving difficult problems using rate media libraries instead of rate sheets.
  7. Solving the problem without caring about the cause.  A new approach that does not require the cause behind the cause. (To quote Marty, I don’t care about the cause I want the answer.)
  8. Some examples of complex problems solved in this way.
  9. A short discussion of my next book on building base-10 radionics devices.
  10. A quick demonstration of my latest radionics inventions (hockey puck and maybe others)
  11. UTRAN – programming reality with a radionics programming language
  12. Cell Phone Radionics – Using witnesses to turn a standard cell phone into a radionics broadcaster
  13. Questions and answers on any radionics topic.  (always fun and you won’t believe some of the crazy questions…)
  14. A reminder of Peetz CO every June.  A 3-day not for profit cooperative for training in radionics.  A reminder to get trained from as many people as possible in order to get as wide a perspective as possible.

About Pete Radatti: He worked on the project to connect the first supercomputer to the ARPANET which later became the Internet!

He also worked in the space program where he learned he had a talent for inventing things and writing. He worked on the project to connect NOAA data online which improved weather forecasting and worked on the Strategic Defense Initiative Systems Integration Data Center (Star Wars) but never got to meet Darth Vader. In addition to writing about Radionics he writes about computer security, dietary issues and other topics of interest to him.

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