Action at a Distance!

90 Minutes of Questions and Answers from USPA members about the 1990 Tom Bearden talk “Action at a Distance: Fundamental Mechanism of Radionics. “ The responding panel of experts, (all current or former USPA Board members) included Ed Kelly, Marty Lucas, Glen Rein, Beverly Rubik, Daniel Taylor and Tom Valone. Hosted by USPA Secretary Treasurer Scott Beutlich.

Discussions of Scalar Waves, the 11 information channels, Quantum Potential, effects of EM pollution on Radionics, the Triode system in radionics, Scalar detectors, Scalar Energy in Radionics Conscious Intent, Fran Farrelly, Kaznacheyev Cytopathogenic Effect, Kervan Effect, and more.  Join USPA and see this Zoom session in the Member’s only section of our website. Join here