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Quantum Biology Research Lab

It is well known that DNA absorbs and emits electromagnetic (EM) energy as can therefore be considered a transducer. Furthermore, DNA is a conductor of electrons and its electrical properties are now considered one of it’s functional properties.

The ability of DNA to transduce and conduct other forms of energy like subtle energies and NADI energy from healers will be presented in the form of original research using double-stranded human DNA in aqueous solutions. The interaction of these energies with DNA was assessed using impedance measures from which real and imaginary values can be obtained.

The use of imaginary impedance measurements as a window to the quantum, virtual and  etheric properties of DNA will be discussed. Since the author has previously demonstrated the ability of conscious intention to resonate with and change DNA, it is proposed that the mind-DNA connection is mediated by quantum fields.

Dr. Glen Rein

Dr Glen Rein graduated from …(US) and obtained his PhD from London University (UK).

Following the completion of his PhD, Dr Rein co-ran a laboratory at St Bartholomew’s hospital (UK) continuing his in depth research interests in bioenergetics with the summation of these new findings being published in respected domains including the prestigious journal ‘Nature’

Returning to the US, Dr Rein continued his study and research in biomedical sciences at highly regarded institutes including Harvard and Stanford Medical Schools.

Dr. Rein has extensive Fortune 100 corporate experience working on innovative product development and obtaining numerous patents. He is currently CEO of the Quantum-Biology Research Lab conducting further innovative and contract research.

Most recently, Dr.Rein has co-founded Glee Biologics with Dr. Lee Lorenzen.

Glee Biologics is developing Aquaceuticals with structured water, nanoparticles and frequencies of biomolecules and pharmaceuticals in accordance with the emerging field of Informational Pharmacology. Dr Rein has authored and co-authored numerous scientific papers and published within prestigious journals.

He is on multiple Boards, has lectured in eight countries and has appeared in numerous radio, TV and documentary programmes and series.

Whilst being fully professionally committed to rigorous scientific investigation, Dr Rein is known for his ability to also present often complex scientific material in ways which give the wider public the opportunity to benefit from his lifetime of focused research.

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