2006 USPA Conference Proceedings

What is Psychotronics iv
“Science at the Cartesian Cross Roads: Mind and Matter or a Ghost in the Machine”  
       by Robert Beichler, PhD. 1
“The Etheric Color Projector”  
       by Robert Beutlich, E.B.S. EE 13
“An Integrative Approach to Therapeutic Change”  
       by Gary D. Chaikin, M.D. 25
“TensCam Low Back Pain * Scalar Wave Therapy”  
       by Charles Cros       by, M.D. 30
“Exploring the Full Brain and Mind System Within the Subtle Body Structure”  
       by Laverne, E. Denyer, Ph.D 39
“Our Bodies, Ancestral Miasms, & Akashic Records”  
       by Renee Fleming, M.S.P 68
“A White Box Machine for Awakening a Human’s Mind”  
       by Robert Foulkrod 71
“An Electronic Key to Human Consciousness”  
       by Barbara Hero 91
“Radionics of Forgiveness & Gratitude-A Scientific and Energy Medicine Perspective”  
       by Ellen Kamhi, Ph.D., R.N. 98
“Quantum Idealism: An Ideal list Consciousness for Collapsing the Quantum Wave Function”  
       by Jon Klimo, Ph.D.          105-133 105
“Wandering Mind or Migration of the Soul?”  
       by Leonard Konikiewicz, Ph.D. 134
“The Technology of the Vibe Machine”  
       by Gene Koonce   . 153
“The Energetics of Archetypal Mind: and the Structure of the Co-Creation Code Deck”  
       by Rowena Pattee Kryder             . 157
“Combining Two German Methods for Etheric Healing; EVA and the Dowsing Rod”  
       by Robert Labine   . 184
“Integrating Consciousness to Create Health”  
       by Linda Lancaster, Ph.D., DSc     . 186
“Understanding Quartz Crystals, Discovering and Using Them”  
       by Louis Matacia, BS, T, LS         . 187
“Finding Treasure Auras”  
       by Louis Matacia, BS, T, LS 229
“Regenerating Life on a Cellular Level: Bringing Life to Its Highest Potential”  
       by Sandra Rose Michael, DNM     . 260
“Soulmate Cosmological Action: From Musical Harmonized Knowledge to Bliss of Cosmic Consciousness”  
       by Henry Monteith, Ph.D. and Erika Monteith        . 261
“Discovering Your Vibrational Signature”  
       by Wayne Perry 305
“The Secrets to Healing With Sound and Toning”                       .  
       by Wayne Perry 307
“Monitoring & Prediction of Earthquakes, Volcanic and Ionospheric Phenomena”  
       by Elizabeth Rauscher, Ph.D. 313
“Biological Effects of the Vibe Machine on Human DNA in-Vitro”  
       by Glen Rein, Ph.D. Peter Moscow, Ph.D. and Irene Mosvold, F.E.M.A. 333
“Blacksmiths & Burning Barns; Understanding & Changing Our Belief System”  
       by Susan Rose, Ph.D. 348
“Advances in Biofield Science and Healing”  
       by Gary Schwartz, Ph.D. 351
“The Martial Arts and Hyperspace Physics”  
       by John St. Clair, Ph.D. and Michael Panzardi, Ph.D. 362
“The Chi Energy Amplifier”  
       by John St. Clair, Ph.D. 400
“Light You Can Feel”  
       by David Thomas, A.MSc. 423
“Researching the Energy Technology of UFO’s”  
       by Thomas Valone, Ph.D. 431
“Progress in Electrogravitics & Electrokinetics for Aviation and Space Travel”  
            by Thomas Valone, Ph.D. 466
“How Understanding Your Living System Can Lead to Better Health”  
       by Mary ‘Mo’ Wheeler, Ph.D. 478
USPA 2006 Conference Tape List, Audio & Video 498
USPA Books, “Energetic Processes”, Vol. #1 & 2 499
Code of Ethics 501