2003 USPA Conference Proceedings

2003 USPA Conference Proceedings


2003 USPA Conference Proceedings, Laverne Denyer, Robert Beutlich,  Sharry Edwards, John Ferguson, Robert Foulkrod, Randall Hastings, Sabra St. Germain, Diana Stahl


2003 USPA Proceedings Table of Contents

The Physics of the ‘Other Side’.   
by Robert Beutlich 1
Addressing the Emotional Component of Energetic Body Work.  
by Laverne Denyer 4
In Terms of Frequency Equivalents(TM), for Reactions to Vaccinations and Immunizations?  
by Sharry Edwards 13
Third Party Healing with Intentional Acupressure  
by John Ferguson 29
The Hundredth Consciousness Imaginer.  
by Robert Foulkrod 30
Abstract Shamanic Life Force Enrichment Techniques & Sacred Space Geography.  
by Randall Hastings 37
The Music of Altered States, The formula (V=FW): Velocities Frequencies, Wavelengths.  
by Barbara Hero 39
Revisiting Reality Creation and the Politics of Consciousness.  
by Jon Klimo 64
Vibrational Bio-Photonic Transmitter.  
by Gene Koonce 75
Abstract The last whereabouts of My Phantom Leg.   
by Paul Laffolley 81
Healing Animals with Sound.  
by Nicole LaVoie 82
Animal Instinct and Human Intuition: The Spiritual Connection.  
by Melissa Leath 88
Abstract Bio-Feedback Communications Systems.  
by Robert LaBine 99
Metempsychosis: The Identity of Light.  
by Eugenia Macer-Story 101
Measuring Life Force.  
by Andrew Michrowski 124
Abstract Introduction ‘Kolaimni’ An Atlantean Healing Technique  
by Theresa Nelson 125
Measuring the Aura, Discovery of a Fifth Force?’ (Abstract)  
by Buryl Payne 126
The Healing Power of the Voice.  
by Wayne Perry 131
Abstract The Energetic Nature of Inter-Species Communication.  
by Glen Rein 142
Healing and Communicating with All of Nature: Exploring the Depths Of Kahuna Shaman Reality Perception.  
by William Russell 143


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