1997 USPA Conference Proceedings TOC

A Gift from Daniel vi
by Karen Alexander
Subtle Energy and the Multidimensional Universe
by Sandor Balogh 1
The Philadelphia Experiment, The Nightmare of the 1940’s
by Alfred Bielek 13
Theory and Operation of the Next Generation of Psychotronic Devices
by Eldon Byrd 16
Subtle Radiations: Healing Energies of Homeopathic and Flower Remedies
by Beverly Coleman 24
Healing the Earth and Balancing with the Violet Ray Crystal Resonator
by Jack Derby 35
Healing the Earth and Ourselves with Subtle Energy
by Sue Gurnee 52
Essential Oils, Transformation & Healing
by Mary Hardy 56
Audio Holography: and it’s Relation to the Great Pyramid in Egypt
by Barbara Hero 64
Using the Darkfield Microscope as a Tool for Monitoring the Effects of Subtle Energy on
Biological Systems
by Ellen Kamhi 78
Methods of Enhanced Growing with Radionics
by Luttie Larsen 93
Is the Physics Community Catching up with Scalars?
by Andrew Michrowski 97
A Scientific Mythology for a New Era
by Henry Monteith 110
Combining Radionics and Other Holistic Therapies in the Treatment of a Chronic Case of Gulf War Syndrome
by Peter Moscow 130
Qigong and Fengshui Dynamics for Environmental Balance and Internal Wellness
by James Odell 143
Toroidal Topology as a Bridge Between Human Consciousness and Planetary Geomagnetic Fields
by Glen Rein 145
Earthtones and Energy
by Edward Rosenbluh 155
Mental Energisms and Global Impact
by Cecile Ruchin 174
Soil and Consciousness
by Gordon Smith 176
Health Effects of Ions and Ozone
by Thomas Valone 182