Using Radionics Every Day – Lutie Larsen

While there is an interesting scientific side of subtle field research and phenomena, there also is the grassroots application side. At the USPA we have tried to accommodate both interests and usually, they complement and support each other.
Creative applications always “push buttons and get ideas moving”. The scientific side often says “Wait a minute we can’t just jump to that conclusion.”

One of the fun things about sharing application experiences is that we all get to look at the situation from different perspectives. Some of us want to know “How?, some of us want to know “Why?

There is so much to learn and yes, we are in the middle of a huge paradigm shift. Know that subtle energy is affected by a number of factors we aren’t used to considering. Our attitude, our openness, our personal reality all play a part in subtle energy applications. This session will be interesting, and exciting . . . and may even blow your mind!

Lutie Larsen
Lutie is a longtime researcher and teacher in Radionics. She and her daughter founded Little Farm Research in 1990. LFR published the Radionic Homestead Report, a bi-monthly newsletter, from 1986-2010. Numerous ratebooks, manuals, teaching materials, and equipment have been part of the inventory over the years. LFR sponsored a summer youth gardening program in their community for more than 20 years.

Lutie worked as a subtle energy consultant for Estee Lauder Research & Development from 1993-2002. Lutie has graduated from Keys College of Radionics in agriculture and horticulture. Lutie is also maintains an active sustainable research farm in Northern Utah