2019 Marty Lucas Using Love as a Radionics Reagent

2019 Marty Lucas Using Love as a Radionics Reagent


Programming Plant DNA with Radionics: How to make self-replicating reagents


Using Love as a Radionics Reagent – Marty Lucas

If you can measure something, you can manage it. Love is not just a feel-good emotion, it is much more. At its core, it is a measurement of energy and information flow. The more flow the more communication. In many instances, health challenges are directly related to restrictions in energy flow. Imagine how many issues can be resolved simply by restoring the flow of energy and information. Now imagine the power of such a simple but profound balancing reagent.

Students will:
Learn the relationship between wellness and energy flow
Understand emotions are just frequency bands of energy and information
Be shown how to capture these frequencies and develop their own reagents

Marty Lucas
Marty Lucas is a full-time radionics practitioner and instructor. He specializes in cutting edge research, building reagents and advanced protocols for radionic work. “My goal in working with you is simply to empower you with the knowledge. A radionic balancing helps promote vitality and support immune response and can suppress pest and parasites.”


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