A Radionic Approach to the Gene Keys – Dan Taylor

The Gene Keys – “The 64 Gene Keys herald a new approach to truth, since they are the core archetypes found in every conceivable aspect of the universe. The 64-bit matrix is integral to physics, biology, music, geometry, architecture, computer programming and most fields of human research and endeavor. It is therefore no wonder that they continue to be discovered at the core of all natural systems. They form the foundational tetrahedral structure underlying spacetime itself. As we shall see, our very DNA is based on this same 64-fold geometry, making us a holographic microcosm of the entire cosmos. Many of the great ancient civilizations and wisdom traditions, including the Vedic, Egyptian, Mayan, and Chinese, encoded this mathematical structure into their art, cosmology, and science. Wherever we look, from the structure of our cells to the rhythm and movement of the celestial bodies, we see the same fractal patterns, endlessly repeating themselves in ever more unique shapes and forms… This precise mathematical correlation between the I Ching and the genetic code allows us to create a new holistic language that resonates within the living cells of your body. In effect, the 64 Gene Keys are a Gene I Ching – a book that talks directly to your DNA.” — Gene Keys, pages xxi-xxii, Richard Rudd, 2013.

Daniel Taylor will present an overview of Richard Rudd’s work with the Gene Keys, and more importantly, describe how this system can be used radionically, to even greater avail. This will be an advanced radionics session.

Dan Taylor
Daniel Taylor was elected to the USPA Board in 2015. He double‐majored in Chemistry and Biology, and double minored in Physics and Mathematics, to prepare for Ph.D. level research in Biophysics. His undergraduate research involved single molecule tethering, magnetic tweezer manipulation, and Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) analysis. Dan has been engaged in full-time Radionics research since 2010.