2019 Ed Kelly Understanding the Radionics Equation

2019 Ed Kelly Understanding the Radionics Equation


Radionics Demystified


Understanding the Radionics Equation – Ed_Kelly

Everything in the physical Universe is energy given form by frequency. The core applications of radionics are to assess the energy levels of the specific frequencies that define our physical forms, then add or remove energy from those elements that we wish to be stronger or weaker using either resonance or dissonance. This presentation will include a short discussion of these ideas, followed by a hands-on, group demonstration of the impact of not only “esoteric” energies, but also the octaves of energy we live with every day, such as light, sound, symbols, and the spoken word.

Ed Kelly
Ed Kelly is President of Kelly Research Technologies, a second-generation family business dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of top quality radionic instruments for use by the global community of radionic, Psychotronic and other “subtle energy” researchers and practitioners. Ed has been a member of the Board of Directors of the US Psychotronics Association since 2011.



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