USPA Library – The John Reed Room

(This is a work in progress.  There is so much to upload here, but it takes time to process. Thank you for your patience.)

The backbone of this room in the library is John  Reed.  John is USPA’s Head Librarian,  former Newsletter Editor and Current Board Member.

He has put in hundreds of hours collecting, organizing and preserving materials for USPA.


BOOKS Search through the USPA Collection of Hard Copy and Digitized Books, Curated by USPA Librarian John Reed: Over 2,500 books, both physical and digitized. This is an amazing collection on subjects including psychotronics, radionics, radiesthesia, dowsing, homeopathy, free energy, Tesla physics, and many other related topics. Books that are in the open domain will be highlighted with links. For others, please contact John to see about borrowing the item.

PERIODICALS Peruse the USPA Collection of Hard Copy and Digitized Periodicals.  Over 50 different periodical sets and hundreds of issues on many of the above subjects.

ARTICLES: John has collected thousands of articles from journals, magazines, and other periodicals. This list is still in preparation, but if you are seeking an article for your research, contact our librarian at and he will try to help you find what you need.  If USPA has it, we can either loan it to you or, if the copyright has expired, it can be download  to you.


(An ongoing list of the issues we have will be posted here soon. Meantime, here is the first sent of the oldest USPA Newsletters, from

USPA Vintage NL Volume 1 No 1 Spring 1979.pdf

USPA Vintage NL Volume 2 No 2 Summer 1980.pdf

USPA Vintage NL Volume 3 No 1 Spring 1981.pdf

USPA Vintage NL Volume 3 No 4 Fall 1982.pdf

USPA Vintage NL Volume 4 No 1 Spring 1983.pdf

USPA Vintage NL Volume 4 No 3 Fall  1983.pdf

USPA Vintage NL Volume 4 No 4 Winter 1983.pdf

USPA Vintage NL Volume 5 No 1 Spring 1984.pdf

USPA Vintage NL Volume 5 No 2 Summer 1984.pdf

USPA Vintage NL Volume 5 No 3 Fall, Winter 1984

USPA Vintage NL Volume 5 No 4 Spring 1984.pdf

From the John Reed Collection of Out of Print (open copyright) Books

(This will be expanding soon. If you have a request, contact John at

  1. Abrams, Albert. New Concepts in Diagnosis and Treatment Physico-Clinical Medicine, 1916.pdf



John Reed has an ongoing list of documents and periodicals he is trying to find.

Click here for the PDF.  MIA- Missing  DOCUMENTS

Preservation of Periodicals, Journals, USPA Conference Materials

We are digitizing many known periodicals on psychotronics, radionics, and related subjects, of which there are at least 25 different series.

We have all of the products of prior USPA conferences (written, audio and video), and are making these available in new formats such as pdf,  mp3 and mp4.  Over seventy are now available for free viewing in our Member’s section.

Over 75 video and audio recordings are now available for free viewing in our Member’s section.

As of October, 2023, there are almost 600 of these files available for purchase in our Shop.

More of what we are looking for: 

Mind and Matter: published by George De La Warr of the DeLawarr Laboratories in Oxford, England from 1957-1967. We have a complete set of these very rare journals;

DeLaWarr Laboratories Newsletter: published by George and Marjorie De La Warr, and later their daughter Diana Di Pinto, from 1964-1986. We have most of these, but if you have any, please let us know what issues you have so we can see if there are any issues missing.

Radionics Journal: Published by the Radionics Association in England from 1943 through the present; Additionally, we have a complete set of these from Vol. 1, no. 1 (1954), through 1995, but none after that.

Subtle Energies: Published by the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (SSSEEM) from 1990 through the present, with some interruptions. We have some but not all of these.

Physico-Clinical Medicine: This journal was started in 1916 by the father of radionics, Dr. Albert Abrams, and continued to be published up through 1938, by Fred J. Hart, who took over the College of Electronic Medicine after Abrams died in 1924. We have all issues from 1916-1923, but none after that;

Journal of Electronic Medicine: This was a continuation of Physico-Clinical Medicine, and ran 1939-1945, published by Fred J. Hart; We need all issues; Electronic Medical Digest: published 1946 to about 1955, also by Fred J. Hart; We need all issues.