Remembering The Future The Physics of the Soul and Time Travel – Brooks Agnew

You are about to receive the key that unlocks The Secret and opens the abundance of the universe. After all, the ultimate self-help book should be able to put you in touch with your entire self in the past and future. The Universe is folded up inside each and every one of us. The future is all about possibilities other than the path to Armageddon you have been taught. Are the prophets wrong? No. Their view of the future is one of many possibilities. By reading this book, you are empowered to make informed choices that will usher in a new future of your choosing and your creation.

We need you. In fact, Planet Earth may not survive without your help. The tools you will receive in this book are real. They have a strong basis in science that is supported by proven and repeatable physics experiments. Anyone can master these techniques for working the Laws of Attraction to affect the bounty of a mortal life.

Al Bielek
Brooks A. Agnew is an honor graduate in Chemistry from Tennessee Technological University. He has published thousands of technical papers and been a featured scientist on History Channel, Tru TV, and numerous documentaries. As a 5-time Amazon best-selling author of the critically acclaimed “Ark of Millions of Years trilogy.” He is internationally renowned for his lectures on science and exploration into the mysteries of the Universe and of the Earth. He is also the host of X-Squared Radio, where he has interviewed more than 250 of the world’s greatest authorities on science and spirituality.