New Product! Get the Full Collection of the audio for the 2015 Conference Livestream Playback. This collection contains the following:

  1. Tri-Vortex Technology – the Cutting Edge of Subtle Energy Applications – Brian David Andersen
  2. Biomolecular Transitions to Higher Order States from 4D to 5D – Glen Rein
  3. Mathematical Healing Algorithms and Rediscovering the Ancient Sciences – Kathy Forti
  4. Radionics Demystified – Ed Kelly
  5. Radionic Techniques to Help Sleep Apnea, Lymes Disease and Allergies – Tim Lippert
  6. Organic Farming Facts, Fabrications and Radionics – George Kueppner
  7. Healing with Radionics – Linda Lancaster
  8. Use of Radionic Techniques on Farm and Homestead – Lutie Larsen
  9. Tribute to Cleve Baxter – Brian Andersen
  10. Scientific Validation of Botanical Medicine – Ellen Kamhi R.N.
  11. Global Mind Control and the First 4 Worlds of Defense – Richard A. Miller
  12. Biophotons The Light Emitted by Organisms in Health and Healing – Beverly Rubik
  13. Activating the Glia Brain Through Spiral Breath and the Quantum Infinity – Gayle Mack
  14. Panel – Kathy Forti, Ellen Kamhi, Beverly Rubik, Brian Andersen, Glen Rein, Lutie Larsen
  15. The Structure of Water and How Psyche Enters Matter – Richard A. Miller
  16. NON-GMO Better Late Than Never – Ellen Kamhi
  17. Things That Go Boo In The Night – How The Unseen World is Undermining Our Ability – Althea Gray
  18. Human Enhancement Through a Modern and Subtle Technique – Healing Earth – Martha Cortes
  19. Antique Medicine Can Advance Radionics – Bob Dixon
  20. Taking a Visual Bath with the Bach Flower Remedies – Beverly Coleman
  21. The Idealism of Engineering Non-Locally – Jon Klilmo
  22. How to Live off the Grid for 30 Days – Richard A. Miller
  23. Thinking Like a Navy Seal – Richard A. Miller
  24. Lutie Larsen Private Workshop